123Helpme.com Review: Are Its Essays As Good As They Are Vast?

123Helpme.com Review: Are Its Essays As Good As They Are Vast?

Overall rating: 5/10

It takes a lot for a business to stand out in the academic writing niche of today. Nearly every writing organization fights for customer affection by offering them the same regular set of services, differing from each other only in some qualitative aspects. So, the question would be: how unique, extraordinary, and odd, each of them separately or all at once, should a writing company’s hook be to appeal to the unimpressed user of our days? The answer seems to be wisely and successfully worked around by 123Helpme.com, a way-out service I happened to find just a couple of weeks ago. In this 123Helpme.com review, I’ll describe my experience with this organization.

123Helpme.com: Straightforward As 1, 2, 3

123Helpme.com Straightforward As 1, 2, 3


A veritable black sheep of the online writing industry, 123Helpme.com is an academic service that offers its customers alternative solutions to dealing with their studying struggles. It’s not a regular organization providing academic writing assistance that features writing, revising, and editing papers, or delivering homework help to the clientele. Instead of developing an essay from scratch, this organization offers its customers already completed pieces of writing they safely keep in their large writing base.

This is what tells this service apart from the ordinary and rather trite writing businesses and makes it so popular among students looking for cheap and obtainable academic assistance. No waiting till your order is completed, no tiresome instructions on how to write your paper — here you just pick the paper that matches your discipline, pay the amount, and live to the fullest!

But There Are Indeed Some Serious Issues



Doing away with the whole acclaim of the bright concept behind the company’s performance and its services, let’s get closer to more important and defining touchstones of its reputability. For example, quality. The papers 123Helpme.com offers to its clients display rather inferior quality. It takes only a brief look at the text to detect substantial defects regarding both the use of English and the scholarly skill. Most of the essays stocked feature severe deviations from the common grammar rules and sentence constructions, demonstrating the superficial grasp of English the writers possess.

I have no clue about the employment type the company follows and what shortlisting procedure it adopts. It may be either a freelance or full-time basis that its writers work on, and if proven to be the latter, then I wonder how inconsiderate and callous the service’s administration must be to keep employing such incompetent English-illiterate writers. Or perhaps the CEOs themselves lack the proper perception of the writing, which might be a good reason for their unchanging approach to hiring the candidates.

Support Team

123helpme review Support Team


Turns out, contacting the support team of 123Helpme.com is nothing like 1, 2, 3. Deep down in the website’s header, the service displays the “Contact Us” button that directs you to a small order form, where you’re expected to indicate you name, e-mail address, and the reason why you’re bothering the support team. I was one of the curious users who ventured to compose an interrogating note to the customer support center, hoping to get some clarification on where the papers come from. I waited a good three days to receive a scant response from the support reps.

Therein, it was stated that the works posted were contributions from students or other people who just composed some texts that somehow seemed to resemble academic writing to them. This is how this brief and negligent response threw some light on the origins of the essays the service so proudly showcases on its website. And the e-mail I got from the support team raised doubts about the service even having a decent support center — the letter looked as if it had been composed by some layman lacking the proper knowledge of how to write this sort of e-mail.

Final Words

123Helpme.com is a genuinely unique organization in the academic writing enterprise. But in respect to its relative supremacy over other writing companies in terms of the services offered, I’m forced to discourage you from contemplating this organization as the right solution to your studying pains.


  1. I didn’t even order anything from 123helpme after seeing the papers on the website(((((


  2. This 123Helpme.com review is a truthful note, the service is wack and not worth your money


  3. I order an essay form this service. At first, I didn’t notice the defetcs it had, but as I was looking thorugh it before handing it it, I was appalled!!!!! I contacted the support center to have my money back, but to no avail(((((


  4. There are so many good services out there. Don’t go for this one, I agree with the author of this 123Helpme.com review ((


  5. My friends recommended this company to me but once I checked out some of their articles, I figured out it’s not for me


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