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Lots of writing services have appeared recently. Using them, I have gained valuable knowledge. Interest in writing services came to me not by chance. I had particular writing problems and I needed to find a good company to help me out. When I had the opportunity to use a writing service and study their work more deeply, I took advantage of it. Today, I want to talk about one of such sites. I must draw the attention of readers to the fact that I am sharing my personal experience. The goal of my AdvancedWriters review is to motivate you to find the right service and avoid ones that want to harm you.


This service seems unprofessional to me, no matter how they try to convince of the opposite, speaking of their “professionalism.” And now the most interesting thing about them is that they put unbelievably high prices on services that shouldn’t cost that much. People see the advertisement and go to buy a paper there. We think, “Oh, they say they have professional writers, and they will write me a perfect paper.” This is not true. The point is that they won’t deliver you a decent paper. Unfortunately, not all writing services are telling the truth about their products. In my review of AdvancedWriters, I will tell you why you should avoid using this service.


The AdvancedWriters team does not contain professional writers, but instead consists of a majority of people who don’t actually know how to deal with papers. In saying this, I mean that the papers they deliver are of low quality. You will surely want to get a quality paper. However, on the contrary, you will receive work that doesn’t deserve a good grade. I can say that their writers are not capable of solving students’ writing problems professionally.


If you want to receive your paper on time, this service won’t suit you. A professional writing service should deliver papers as fast as possible, but AdvancedWriters can’t stick to this rule. I do not urge everyone to hate this site, I just want to talk about what I found and what other customers say about this service. The main think I wanted to demonstrate is this: you should not use this service if you need to submit your paper on time.

AdvancedWriters Prices Review Prices Review

Yes, their papers are much more expensive that on other services. I calculated how much I spent here. And you won’t believe it, but the amount came out as more than $50 for a simple paper. It is worth saying that if you decide to use AdvancedWriters, you will need to have enough money. To go further, I want to say it right away: it will be difficult not to spend all of your money here, especially if you decide to buy a research paper, coursework, or dissertation.


All writing services need to deliver only original papers and realize that plagiarism is the enemy. Using AdvancedWriters is very unreliable. They often deliver plagiarized papers. The service receives a lot of negative feedback that indicates that their writers plagiarize. Plagiarism is the worst thing for a writing service.

Free Revisions

It is very important for a writing service to have a free revisions option. You should not mindlessly buy a paper on a site that doesn’t offer free revisions. AdvancedWriters offers such an opportunity, but testimonials from customers demonstrate that the quality of the papers wasn’t improved after receiving revisions. It shouldn’t be so. In no case should a customer need to use a service the writers of which can’t write quality papers and can’t improve them if necessary. This seems obvious, but many customers make such a mistake.


People these days are afraid to use writing services. If you use such a site, you need to be sure that your personal information will be safe. Using a writing service is condemned in our society, so anonymity is also important for customers. I decided to figure out whether AdvancedWriters provides customers with safety and anonymity. For me, they shouldn’t collect and process customers’ personal information, such as country, surname, phone number, and so on. And for this reason, I believe everyone should pass by this site.

Testimonials Review Testimonials

Finding testimonials on the site is quite simple. However, I don’t believe these comments were left by real customers. I found truthful testimonials on the Internet and would like to demonstrate the things which customers more often complain about:

  • Plagiarism in papers
  • Late delivery
  • High prices
  • The writers do not stick to customers’ requirements
  • Mistakes in the papers

Money Back Guarantee

You can’t expect to get your money back if you don’t like the paper you get from AdvancedWriters. You must accept this fact, even though they say they offer a money back guarantee. You will see that they do nothing to make their customers satisfied with their work. So, if you want to have a positive experience from using a writing service, you need to find some other site.


When you use AdvancedWriters for the first time, you may be shocked, especially if you are used to receiving good papers from other services. There is no need to wait for a positive result from this writing company. Using this service can have a negative effect on your grades. You need to make the right decision and avoid using this site. This will reduce the risk of getting a poorly-written paper. Do you agree with this review for AdvancedWriters? Share your opinion in the comments.

I rate the service 4.5 out of 10.


  1. I came up with one thought about this service, it is absolutely unsuitable for me. It caused me troubles with my teacher, because it contained so much plagiarism. I hope that thanks to this advancedwriters com review, many won’t have troubles with the site as I did.


  2. I was forced to abandon the paper because it was written awfully!!!!


  3. I didnt like the paper at all, but they refused to give me money back! WTF??


  4. how poor students can use this site? Their prices are too high.


  5. I agree with this advancedwriters review. If you don’t want to fail, don’t use it.


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