Anonymous-Essay Review: Pros, Cons, & Other Details review

Rating 10/10


  • TOTAL confidentiality
  • affordable prices
  • 24/7 support


  • you can’t regain access if you forget your ID

Choosing a good essay writing service can become a challenging task, especially if you don’t have enough money to order test papers to check the quality. To solve this problem, you can read my Anonymous-Essay review and shape your opinion based on the facts that I provide.

Anonymous-Essay Review: Confidentiality

Confidentiality is what Anonymous-Essay gives to its customers, one hundred percent. That’s their main advantage. While other writing services require you to share an email or phone number, these guys have NO questions.

Instead, they provide each customer with an anonymous ID. It’s an automatically generated set of symbols that you can use as your login.

This is a great idea, especially for those who want to keep their orders a secret. But there is one problem: if you lose your ID, the service won’t be able to help you with recovering it as they have no personal data.

That’s why Anonymous-Essay is certainly not for absent-minded individuals. On the other hand, you get many reminders during the ordering process. They say that you have to write your ID down, copy it to a text document, or take a screenshot.

For me, confidentiality isn’t that important, but I respect the Anonymous-Essay team for providing such an opportunity.

Anonymous-Essay Review: Prices

The price for papers depends on a few factors: academic level, number of pages, and deadline. You can see the price for your essay or research paper before placing your order, as there is a calculator on the main page. review

The starting price is $10 (high school level, 14-day deadline, 1 page).

There is also a list of features that you get FOR FREE:

  • title page
  • bibliography page
  • unlimited revisions
  • plagiarism check

Prices also depend on the category of the writer that you choose in the ordering form. review

As you see, Anonymous-Essay doesn’t try to trick their customers and lie about language skills or qualification. Their policy makes sense: if you want to get a sample of the highest quality, pay more.

Anonymous-Essay Review: Writers

This writing service hires both ESL and ENL writers, and they’re not afraid of speaking about it openly.
They check the writer’s qualification and language skills before hiring them. These tests allow them to guarantee well-written samples even if you don’t pay for ENL category. review

Anonymous-Essay Review: Ordering Form

The ordering form is understandable and pretty standard. You have to specify your topic, discipline, format, and other important details. Besides, you may order additional services. review

All these services can be really helpful. You can get three samples from writers so that you’ll be able to evaluate their writing skills. A copy of sources (ebooks, articles, web-pages, etc.) will allow you to check the credibility of the paper and, maybe, find more useful information on the topic.

Unfortunately, Progressive Delivery works only for the orders with the value of $200 and more. I’ve decided not to spend 200 bucks to check this option, but I think that it seems quite helpful.

You can use your credit card or PayPal system to pay for your order.

Anonymous-Essay Review: Guarantees

In my opinion, guarantees are the most essential aspect for writing services. You need to feel safe and comfortable when you use them. A high level of customer care is necessary for any company that wants to provide services.

Let’s see how Anonymous-Essay deals with this aspect:

  • Confidentiality

    Okay, here I have no questions, and neither does the service. They’ve found the way to provide the customers with the highest level of secrecy. No names, no emails, and no phone numbers – perfect!

  • Day-and-night support

    You can call at any time if you have technical issues or other problems related to the order. You can find two phone numbers and an email in the Contacts section. Anonymous-Essay also assures that they don’t save or process contact information when you apply for support.

  • Plagiarism-free samples

    This service has a fair and reasonable compensation policy. You can get a refund at any stage of your order if you’re not satisfied with the sample’s quality.

  • Day-and-night support

    Anonymous-Essay provides only original content. Every paper is checked with an in-built plagiarism detection system.

  • Free revisions

    Before you approve your order, you can ask for as many revisions as necessary. Of course, your requests have to be relevant to your original instructions. For example, you can’t ask the writer to change the topic if he or she has already completed half of a paper.

Anonymous-Essay Review: Quality of Samples

As usual, I’ve made a test order to check the service. My writer had specified some details and provided me with an original paper the other day. The sample had all the necessary elements: a clear thesis statement, arguments, examples, etc. Besides, it was formatted properly.

You can find examples of essays on the main page. As for me, they deserve a B+ at least. review

Anonymous-Essay Review: Conclusion

Anonymous-Essay is indeed a unique writing service when it comes to confidentiality. These guys have found a creative and efficient approach to anonymity. They don’t ask you to share any personal information. At the same time, they provide customers with good samples at affordable prices.

I recommend this service, especially to those who care about secrecy. You won’t find another service that takes anonymity that seriously.


  1. In case of emergency, I can just rely on these guys. Maybe it won’t be the best quality, but it’s certainly worth it. And I have free time for work:)


  2. I’ve been looking for a good writing service for ages!!! Thanks for detailed anonymous essay review!


  3. Nice service! They edit my works, and I get better grades because my english isn’t that good.


  4. anonymous-essay is similar to hundreds of other services. But this trick with anonymous ID is pretty interesting -_- Maybe I’ll try it one day…


  5. I can’t say nothing good and nothing bad about this site. It’s just fine.


  6. Damn it, they’ve got every thing you need to have an A on your essay


  7. It’s been a couple of months since I work with them, I recommend


  8. I like what they provide. A few weeks ago I placed an order and what I got was jaw-dropping, in a good way I mean. The price is ok and the quality is overwhelmingly good!!!!!Will continue to order at this services


  9. They really know how to make it perfect.


  10. I can’t express my satisfaction and gratitude to these guys!!!!


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