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  • affordable prices
  • informative blog
  • comfortable writer selection system
  • constant support and live chat


  • only PayPal payment system
  • ESL writers

Each time I find reviews on writing services, I ask myself a question: “Why would anyone write these reviews in the first place?” Why would anyone bother and waste his or her time for such writing?

There are two options:

  1. Writing services post positive reviews to attract more clients.
  2. A student has had a really terrible experience and wants to warn everyone about the scammers.

As you’ve already guessed, my AnswerShark review doesn’t fall into any of these categories.


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Terrifying reviews on the internet scare students and recommend them to stay away from any kind of writing service. But there is one problem: we still need assistance from time to time.

As for me, I order essays when I don’t want to waste my time on the obligatory discipline. My moral code allows that.

I’ve found a decent writing service that may be helpful to you. I’ve written about both pros and cons so that you can make your choice by yourself.

Blog 10/10

I want to start my AnswerShark review from the thing that grabbed my attention when I visited this website for the first time. review

You can see that this blog is quite impressive: it includes about seven different categories that cover various types and genres of writing. You can find guides, tips, and samples for pretty much everything.

I was impressed by this collection, which is why I’ve decided to place my first order.

Order Process 8/10

You shouldn’t think that I love everything about this service. The first disadvantage that I’ve noticed is the sign-up form – you can’t calculate a price for your essay without registration. But they honestly offer you the opportunity to avoid newsletters and promotional materials: review

Anyway, I’ve decided to take this risk, and the result was worth it.

Let’s move on to the advantages of AnswerShark.

Writer Selection 10/10

In comparison to other services that offer only one way to pick the writer, this site gives you two options (I consider this detail to be very important for my AnswerShark review).

If you don’t have time, you can choose AUTO-SELECT. By the way, this option is free of charge. review

If you are picky and want to find a candidate by yourself, the bidding system is for you.

I always have time to make sure that my essay will be completed by someone who has the appropriate writing skills.

Writers’ Profiles 10/10

I hate when services give you a chance to pick a writer, but don’t give you any information about them. This approach makes this option useless.

Luckily, AnswerShark provides enough information about the employees:

  • writers’ ratings
  • finished orders
  • orders canceled by writer/customers
  • orders in progress
  • number of orders (by disciplines)
  • customers’ feedback
  • awards (not really useful, but impressive information)

As for me, this list is 100% enough to make your decision.
But when I placed my order, I discovered one more way to evaluate the candidates.

Live Chat and Free Preview 10/10

For me, these features are crucial when it comes to writing services, which is why I can’t fail to mention them in my AnswerShark review.
When writers start the bidding process, you can ask ANY WRITER to provide you with a short preview on your topic for free!

That’s a great opportunity to evaluate his or her language skills and general level.

Besides, you communicate with a writer directly via live chat. For me, that was a great relief, as I’m a bit of a perfectionist and want to control the whole writing process. Writers also can ask questions if some details of your order aren’t clear.

Support 10/10

Speaking of communication, I was surprised by the quality of their customer support. These guys deserve to be mentioned in my AnswerShark review. I had some technical issues with uploading my additional materials, and they solved my problem in five minutes!

I’m not sure that they’re always that fast, but I hope they’ll have a nice day anyway! review

PayPal 8/10

Unfortunately, I have to mention one more inconvenience. You can pay on AnswerShark only using the PayPal system. If you’re acquainted with it, that’s fine, but for some users, it might be a problem. review

Free Guides 10/10

I’m here not to talk about morals. I know that using AnswerShark is cheating in most cases. But their team has made one small, but really nice, thing. When you get a completed sample, you can download a guide about the relevant paper for free. review

Maybe, they really want to help students. Maybe, it’s just a trick. But I want to believe the best in people.

My Experience 10/10

As I promised, I will end my AnswerShark review with my story. I study management, and I really like this discipline. Unfortunately, our professors give inadequate tasks at least once a week. I was assigned to write an essay about the negative impact of poor nutrition on employees’ productivity.
And I had zero inspiration for writing and even less time. Thus, I placed my order on AnswerShark. Below, you can see an excerpt from this essay: review

This essay met all of my expectations, and I got a good grade for it. I’m not sure whether AnswerShark writers are capable of providing more complex assignments, but they definitely can deal with papers of this level of difficulty.


AnswerShark has won my trust. Several disadvantages can’t spoil the whole picture. You don’t have to order your dissertation from this service on the first try, but you really can entrust these guys to deal with your essays and research papers.

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