Read This BestEssay4U Review Before You Use the Service

Read This BestEssay4U Review Before You Use the Service

I have seen different kinds of writing services. In order not to deal with cheaters, you have to read through reviews. For example, there are obviously dangerous or simply low-quality writing services. I have read several testimonials from people who have used BestEssay4U. I made my own investigation, and now I want to share my review with you.

My Overall Impression

It didn’t take long to find out that this service is unprofessional. They don’t seem to care about the quality of papers they write. I wanted to get an essay that would be written by a professional writer, but instead I received a horrible paper that didn’t deserve a good grade. There aren’t words in the language that could describe the paper I received. If they wanted to surprise me, they managed to do it, but in a negative way. I should admit that it was the worst paper I have ever received from a writing service.


BestEssay4U says that they deliver 100% unique papers, but it turns out that this claim is not true. When you use this service, the worst part is that their writers are not able to write unique papers at all. I beg you not to use this site if you want to receive a paper written from scratch. It seems it is impossible for their writers to write unique papers.

Mistakes in Papers

You can’t imagine how many mistakes their writers make in their papers. For this reason, I think their writers should not be allowed to write papers for customers at all. I insist that you avoid ordering papers here, unless you want to spend your free time correcting all of the mistakes. I am sure that you don’t want to waste time on this.

Free Revisions

I know that even great writers sometimes make mistakes in their papers. These errors can spoil the overall impression of a paper. For this reason, the service offers free revisions that a customer can use. In my review, however, I want to mention that their writers can’t seem to correct mistakes even after a customer asks for free revisions.


Bestessay4u Prices

Attentive people may notice that their prices are rather high. For the same papers on other writing sites, you will pay less. I think these high prices do not correspond to the quality of papers on offer. According to the table, the price depends on the academic level and the deadline. For a simply high school paper written in two days, you will have to pay at least $22.29! It looks expensive to me, and I would rather choose a writing service with lower prices.

Bestessay4U Reviews from Customers

On the site, you can find testimonials left by “customers.” I noticed that these testimonials only praise the service. This looks rather suspicious. If you look for testimonials on the Internet, you will find that real customers’ opinions are not the same as on the site. In the process of looking though various comments, I found out that mostly customers are dissatisfied with the service.


Writers at BesteEssay4U often fall into common pitfalls with paper writing. They forget to check the spelling and grammar after they complete papers. For some reason, these writers can’t write decent papers. When I received my paper I saw that the writer did not bother to put at least some sense in the text, and simply typed random sentences in the essay. As you know, only a well-written paper can get a high grade. On this site, you will not receive such a paper because their writers are not capable of writing them.


Bestessay4u Samples

On BestEssay4U, you can find samples of papers. The samples reveal to us how the writers work on different papers. I looked through some of the samples and I was not happy with them at all. I don’t know why they decided to share samples with us, as they are poorly written. BestEssay4U doesn’t live up to its name and the samples prove that.


The site has a blog which is good, I think. Without it, a writing service doesn’t deserve to be called “professional.” However, the blog also should contain helpful articles. I don’t think that BestEssay4U has many posts that contain useful information for students. There should be articles that can be used by students to write papers on their own. The site has only a few posts that can help with writing.

Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee allows customers to trust the writing service. There is a small note mentioning that BestEssay4U offers such a guarantee to students. However, the testimonials from real customers say that they refuse to refund money if they don’t like the paper. I think the service should offer such an opportunity to customers to gain more trust.


On the site, it says that the service appeared in 2006. And yet, they couldn’t manage to make a professional writing service after so many years. Personally, I don’t know why they are still on the writing market. They can’t produce quality papers or offer professional academic help. You will not find talented writers here.

I think that the service has nothing to surprise customers with in a positive way. I believe my review has convinced you of this. Also, there is a huge number of negative comments from their customers. One of the most popular comments is about receiving a poorly written paper. They show how a writing service must not work.

I rate this service a 4.2 out of 10 because of the complete lack of professionalism.


  1. The paper I received from bestessay4u was not very good. Moreover, I paid for it more than $40. it was required to use APA format, but the literature that was used was formatted wrongly. The writer did not abide my instructions…


  2. the paper about encient Greece that I ordered here was completely terrible.


  3. here are 3 reasons to avoid this site: poor papers, bad writers, late delivery.


  4. I was confused because my paper was written really badly and they didn’t return my money.


  5. writers in bestessay4u used copied parts from internet. CHEATERS


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