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I recently learned that there is such a thing as writing services. They are special sites and services that offer writing help for students, and as an example, I decided to consider one of these sites (BestEssays) and make a BestEssays review.

I am relatively a good student, and usually for essays I get B’s or A’s. It was interesting for me whether this site could write an essay for me that could get such a grade. Moving ahead, to be honest, I am very skeptical about BestEssays. In my opinion, when you order a paper there, quality is lost so much.

Ordering Process

So, the service offers “unique essays” with prices starting from $22.99. Ordering is rather simple; you need to choose the topic, type of paper, number of pages, urgency, level, and subject area. If you have additional instructions, you can add them as well. I think that it is important to mention for those looking for a UK BestEssays review, that if you want a UK writer, the prices can be even bigger! After filling instructions, you will see how easily the service can enhance the initial cost:

  • Fulfilling by top 10 writers + $11.00
  • VIP support + $9.99
  • Proofreading by editor + $5.75
  • 1-page summary of your paper + $22.99
  • Plagiarism report + $2.30

I will not lie, some of these things disturbed me at the beginning, prior to ordering, just like some kind of hidden appendage, and I do not think at all that I personally need for example some kind of VIP support. Although, on the other hand, I would like to see a plagiarism report.

One more thing about ordering papers that I want to include in my review: review

The site requests full access to your personal information, such as email and phone number. I suspect that lots of paranoids will have a million questions about this, and I am very suspicious of any service or app that requests full access to something. Yes, I am afraid that they, having obtained my email and phone number, will begin to promote something and to give my info to third parties when they are not supposed to.

There is always such a problem, a problem of trust; therefore, you can include your secondary email, not the main one, just in case.


It is curious to look at writers’ degrees, but of course no one will give you such information, and I believe that their claiming that their writers work in colleges and universities is a complete lie. Looking at other UK Best Essays reviews, I can say that their writers’ work is one of the biggest stumbling blocks.

Let’s see what type of papers they offer. They have samples of different types of papers: essays, term papers, book reports, etc. It may be useful for some students, but I write essays myself. Just understand one thing: where the conveyor is, there can be no quality. If you order a paper there, I believe, most likely it will be rewriting, malarkey, or stolen content. Personally, I do not want to get this.


Let’s look at prices that this service offers: review

I want immediately to say that the prices are rather high. Of course, if you have lots of money, you can order papers here and expect that you will get a decent paper. I should admit that the table with prices is quite convenient, anyone can figure it out in a couple of seconds how much he or she should pay for the paper.


You can see that BestEssays claims they provide customers with quality papers. I know that there are many such services that promise clients quality help. But how can you be sure that you will get a paper you want? I think that it will be quite naive to trust an unknown company and believe that your paper will be written well by a person you know nothing about.


I’ve been looking through the site and haven’t found information about a money-back guarantee. I think you know about the importance of such an option. Of course, you can try to use this service, but what will you do when you get a plagiarized paper or a paper of poor quality? I personally can’t spend money on this site, as it seems to me that it’s not going to be a very good paper.

The service says that one of their guarantees is security. The way I see it, this guarantee is crap – I have already mentioned that you need to include your email and even phone number in the order form. I think for some students mentioning their emails is not unusual, but phone number – that seems strange to me. I would like to see how exactly they are going to implement this guarantee, as they only say that your personal information will not be shared with third parties. But what about proofs?

Summing Up

For now, I think that the service team needs to focus on providing more quality papers (customers’ feedback is not positive at all) and on implementing a money-back guarantee. This is essential, as it will enhance customers’ trust. They need not only to improve the quality of papers, but to make them more unique, absolutely unique. As I write a review honestly, I can not get past this moment. For me personally, I don’t want to use this service as a lot of things in their work faze me.


  1. I’d rather write my essay on my own then buying it on bestessays. Terible service!


  2. Hate this site, ordered a paper there, it seemed to me it was written by a seventh-grader.


  3. I receive a good paper from them, but I need to wait for a long time when a writer answered my questions. In general, it’s ok.


  4. I beg you in no way use this site!!!!!!!!!! scammers!


  5. I’ve tried to use bestessays twice and they never never on time! Use something else


  6. These guys don’t guarantee you anything! The writer wrote only the half of the paper by deadline!


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