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Bid4papers is a service that specializes in academic writing. Students apply to this site when they need help with college assignments: essays, research papers, reviews, lab reports, etc. This service is 100% legal because writers provide samples for education and reference purposes only. But in fact, many customers use such services for cheating: they submit the writers’ works as their own.

From a legal point of view, students do behave inappropriately. But who is perfect? We all need help from time to time because the rhythm of the modern world doesn’t allow us to stop even for a minute. Anyway, I don’t want to waste your precious time for a discussion on this endless topic. Let’s get to the Bid4Papers review!

Bid4Papers Review: The First Impression

When you’re looking for a new service or shop online, remember that looks can be deceiving. When I saw the Bid4Papers site for the first time, it seemed to be almost half-done. But in fact, their website is well-structured and contains all the necessary information. And the design doesn’t distract visitors with contrasting colors or pop-up windows.

One thing has surprised me. For the first time in my life, an essay writing service offered me to pass a test on its site. Quite unexpected, right?

Bid4Papers  The First Impression

I was intrigued. This test consists of three questions, and it doesn’t check your knowledge of any discipline. I think that its main purpose is to inform first-timers about the specificity of the service.

The First Impression - Bid4Papers

There are three questions about Bid4Papers, and the answers will help you learn more about the company. I don’t know how this test can be helpful for the service, but it’s fun anyway.

Bid4Papers Review: Pricing Policy

On the Prices page, you’ll find the following table:

Bid4Papers -  Pricing Policy

Bid4Papers doesn’t have fixed prices, and this table represents an approximate level of prices for specific papers. The price of each order depends on three criteria:

  • complexity of the paper
  • number of pages
  • deadline

I wasn’t satisfied with this small table and decided to place a test order. Customers don’t have to pay in advance, so this experiment cost me nothing. I made an order for a 1-page essay about Hamlet with a 14-day deadline. The lowest bide was $13.40, and some writers offered $16.70. One specialist suggested $33.40, but I have no idea why he did that.

Thirteen dollars isn’t much for a well-written essay. Maybe it would be better if the service automatically calculated an approximate price. But you can place a test order the same way I did and see the price.

Bid4Papers Review: Order Process

Bid4Papers is based on a bidding system. The customer fills in the order form and adds instructions. Then, the order is to be saved and published for the writers. The bidding process starts within seconds. Writers read instructions and bid on the order.

There is an additional feature that helps attract more specialists within less time.

Bid4Papers Review - Order Process

In my opinion, it’s useless. I got 52 (!) bids in 2 minutes. You’ll have a vast amount of choices anyway, so why agitate it further?

But the free service called “Writer Finder” may seem more interesting to you. If you have no time to communicate with the writers and test their skills, pick this option. The service will provide you with the best available writer.

Bid4Papers Review - The best available writer

Besides, you have the opportunity to request a specific writer. Maybe you’ll like to work with the same expert, or someone will recommend a specialist.

If you decide to pick the writer by yourself, you should take into consideration the following factors:

  • the writer’s rating
  • feedback from previous customers
  • price
  • number of completed orders

You may also require a short preview from any author to check their writing style. Thanks to the live chat, you can ask questions about the writer’s qualification and education.

Bid4Papers Review: Writers’ Profiles

Having comprehensive information about the writers is a significant factor when it comes to picking the academic writing service. You have to know who is responsible for the quality of your future samples.

On the Bid4Papers site, you can find writers’ profiles on the Our Top Writers page. Each profile contains the following information:

  • writer’s rating
  • finished orders
  • canceled orders
  • orders in progress
  • awards
  • customer feedback

If you want to request a specific author, specify that in your order form. Bid4Papers hires both ENL and ESL writers. All the applicants pass several tests to join the company and need a diploma to confirm their academic degree.

Bid4Papers Review: Customer Feedback and Online Reputation

When you check all the information on the site, go further and take a closer look at customers’ comments. You can read the latest reviews on the site. I can’t guarantee that they don’t moderate comments, but the abundance of positive opinions is a good sign.

If you google Bid4Papers, you’ll find contradictory opinions. I’m not 100% confident about the origins of the sites with reviews. So, I wouldn’t trust all of them.

Actually, the best way to evaluate the service is to get the recommendation from a friend or place a small test order. In such a manner, you won’t lose much money or time.

Bid4Papers Review: Conclusion

In general, I can recommend Bid4Papers. This service has reasonable prices, a bunch of free features (plagiarism checker, writer finder, blog, and unlimited revisions), and great customer feedback. If you aren’t sure about some aspects of the order process, you can always apply to the 24/7 customer support.


  1. I order from this service regularly. They have good prices and good quality.


  2. Not all the Bid4Paper reviews are good, but I think that this service deserves a chance.


  3. Why are there so many different reviews? I can’t wrap my head around that(((


  4. My first experience with this service was great, no problems.


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