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General Rating 5/10

Hi everybody! If you want to read another article about the legitimacy of writing services, please, go away. That’s not what this BoomEssays review is about.

If you copy someone else’s paper and present it as yours – that’s cheating. Sure, you can use writers’ works as “templates” or a “source of information,” but, let’s be honest: that’s not what it’s all about.

In my review, I don’t want to discuss any philosophical problems and moral dilemmas. Many assignments that I get at college make no sense! I already work as a marketing specialist, but I need a stupid diploma to get a promotion.

I have no time and no motivation to write research papers or case studies by myself. That’s why I use services such as BoomEssays. Actually, I don’t use it anymore because it’s totally below average. But let’s talk about things in their time.

The First Impression

It’s logical to start my BoomEssays review from the first impression, right?

Nice lady, attractive price, “Chat” button, and “Ultimate Discount” – what more could one ask for? In fact, BoomEssays looks exactly like hundreds of other websites, and that’s fine, as all of them have the same purpose: grabbing your attention.

Customers’ Testimonials

You can find short and honest BoomEssays reviews with ease – just click the button “Read latest testimonials.” In fact, “honest” is the wrong word. I’m not sure that real people wrote these comments. See for yourself: review

How do you like it? “I would have found myself in trouble” and “crack pros” in one testimonial! Don’t you think that’s a bit weird? Besides, Istilah is obviously an Arabic name, and the expression “crack pros” is way too American for foreigners.
And one more of my favorites: review

Getting better, right? This testimonial is as false as the statement that writing services provide samples “for educational purposes.”

I can’t say that each one of the Boom Essays reviews on their site is written by themselves. But some of them look really suspicious.

Pros and Cons

No matter how suspicious the testimonials look, I still wanted to try this service. It has both pros and cons, so let’s talk about them:


  • You can calculate your price in different currencies, which is really helpful.
  • You get a 15% discount off your first order and other discounts.
  • You get a bunch of free features: review


I don’t think that I can simply put a list here. I need more space to express my outrage. So, I will start a new section of my BoomEssays review.

What Is Wrong with

This line definitely grabbed my attention. review

That was a low blow. Why the hell are UK writers more expensive than Americans? WTF? That looks like an insult… Usually, writing services offer to choose one of the writers’ categories like “Best available” or “Proficient.” You may also pick a native speaker for an additional fee.
But picking a writer’s nationality? Not acceptable. review

That’s a profile of a random writer. No bio, no educational background, no pictures. When you place your order, you don’t get any preview or samples to evaluate the language skills. You can’t even send a message to the writer to learn more about his/her qualifications.

The system picks the “best available” writer automatically. As for me, I hate these kinds of systems, as they leave no choice. review

And what do you think about this contest? Isn’t it a clever way to get some free samples to resell them? Maybe it wasn’t a scam, but, anyway, it looks so f*cking weird.

Personal Experience: Icing on the Cake of My BoomEssays Review

Despite the cons listed above, I decided to give it a try because I was interested in such a low price. There is always free cheese in a mousetrap.

I placed my order without any difficulties (my vast experience with such services has helped a lot). After 6 days, I received my sample.

I can’t say that this essay was the worst I’ve ever seen. Actually, I was surprised. It had a logical structure and proper formatting. I’ve not found any grammar mistakes.

But that’s it. Everything else leaves much to be desired:

Incorrect number of references and unreliable sources of information. I’m not sure whether one should use YouTube videos as a source for a marketing essay. Correct me if I’m wrong. And three sources are obviously less than five (I mentioned the number in the order form).

No clear thesis statement. The writer jumped to the arguments right from the introduction. I haven’t noticed any thesis statement or anything like it.

Poor academic language. Although I haven’t found any grammar or spelling mistakes, the language wasn’t proper for my academic paper. Contractions and exclamations aren’t allowed when you compose an essay.


You may find more BoomEssays reviews on the internet if you want: review

But you’ll see the same things: this service has really low prices, but their papers aren’t the best you can order online. I haven’t tried to get my money back because I didn’t spend much.

And I’m sure that Boom Essays would return my $36 if I tried, as they guarantee the money back.

I may recommend this service to someone who attends high school and doesn’t really care about high grades. They can do your homework, and you won’t spend much money. However, if you need help with something more serious than an essay about your summer holidays, go somewhere else.


  1. They gave me the writer who is proficient in psychology, but he’s written some psychedelic sh*t instead of a normal essay.


  2. I usually use this service when I want to save some money and don’t really care about quality.


  3. I ordered my admission essay here and failed to enter the college(((


  4. I got a well-written sample from these gays, but it was 30% plagiarized. Not cool.


  5. Not the worst and not the best. Low-quality samples and low prices — it makes sense.


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