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My rate – 4 of 10. is, of course, a website for students who need to buy a paper. This is the site where the cheapest paper costs $19.99. I decided to analyze this site and to make a review to see why their prices are lower than on other similar sites.

Why do I think it’s bullshit? Oh, where to start …


I want to begin with the fact that for $19.99 nothing of quality can be done. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Now, we are talking only about prices. Well, in fact, we shouldn’t complain about the service itself too much, as the idea of presenting writing help is good, but as always, they took a good idea (from other writing services) and made it ass-backwards.

Now I want to make a reservation in my review – I do not deny that there is some percentage of quality papers, and some papers can really be bought there for these prices; there are such types of papers as, for example, a simple literature essay.

He who cannot sell his services even at the lowest market price does not have demand for his services at all. Consequently, he offers bullshit. I can draw only such a conclusion.

My rate for prices is 6 of 10 because they are really low compared with other writing sites, although it is quite suspicious.


As you can see, this site presents testimonials from those who bought papers there. And now I notice how robotic and artificial these college-paper reviews look. So, what really confuses me is the complete absence of negative feedback. There is almost no writing service which has only positive feedback, even the top sites have at least some neutral comments. This simply does not happen. There are no perfect services or products, and it is strange when a service has positive reviews and ZERO negative ones. Quality writing services do not add fake testimonials on their sites.

My rate for testimonials is 2 of 10 because they are simply fake.


Let’s look at the site further. This is just “wonderful”: review

Well, do you understand that for $19.99 you buy a non-original paper? Do you not understand? Good luck then. Who buys “original” papers here? Show me their grades. God grant if the teacher simply asks you to rewrite a plagiarized paper, then it’s okay. But why do you pay someone for a paper if you are not sure whether it will be original or not?

Another guarantee is “professional writers with MA and PhD degrees.” Are you even sure that this site has such writers? Do you think a professional writer will work for a low price? Who checked it? Is there at least one case where someone has bought a paper here and gotten a good grade? I did not read about such, I saw only negative reviews about their writers.

My rate for guarantees is 3 of 10 because they don’t offer a money-back guarantee, and this is simply outrage.


Well, there are a wide range of services that this site presents. Let’s sort out their services presentation logic. I don’t understand why, besides the writing service, this site offers help with math problems, programming, etc. They have a team of writers, but do they have experts who can deal with math problems? I’m not sure.

I rate services 5 of 10 because they offer a wide range of writing services, but presenting non-writing services seems a bit strange to me.


Another “great” option is samples. review

Who wrote these terrible samples? Their writers? Yes, presenting examples is a great opportunity to show how writers do their job. But these are not good examples of quality work. Any normal person will not buy papers after reading through these samples. What for to buy it? You can go to college-papers and see for yourself that I’m telling the truth, or read other reviews on

I rate samples 4 of 10 just for their courage.


Here, everything seems clear to me. You contact the support team via chat, messenger, or even call them. However, I decided to check the chat option. I wrote a question, “Can I choose a writer?” and hope to communicate with a real person, but no! Moreover, I didn’t see the answer to my question. Perhaps, you can’t choose a writer on this site at all, and this is one more minus. review

My rating for contacts is 3 of 10 because they didn’t provide me with a real person to chat with.


Personally, I have a rather neutral attitude toward writing services and writers who work for them. All students whom I know, and I personally, only interact with trusted services and writers. That is, they are found through recommendations. Such companies work for a long time in the market and they have big teams of professional writers.

Such writers can be cool, but it seems to me they are not on college-papers, as for $19.99 you can only do something very fast and automatic, for example, write one small essay of poor quality – yes, this is real. But the value of a real professional writer is in his skills, and what skills can be there when there is such a low level for an order? This is not a professional writing service, it’s a grifter service.

Plus, real writing services have a reputation and real testimonials. What have we here?

I rate writers 5 of 10.

Considering all my ratings, I came up with the final rate: 4 of 10. To tell the truth, I would not trust this company. How can you trust a service where only positive reviews are presented and there is not even a single neutral one? Well, this is an obvious cheat, and if cheating is possible, then the feedback system on the service does not work, which means that there is no reputation here.


  1. One more trash writing service. Beware of scam!!!!!


  2. Get a paper from them, but my teacher said that some parts should be rewritten. The writer refused to do it! Don’t use it!


  3. the quality of their writers is the lowest i ever experiened.


  4. The paper I got from them was quite good although I got it afte the deadline.


  5. Your college-paper review is absolutely true! Especially about refund. They refused to give my my money back after I was shoked by the paper they sent to me!


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