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I have seen lots of reviews on the internet. I actually found out about this site a week ago and studied it.

My rating – 4 of 10

How did I find it? For the first time, I decided to look for a writing service on Google. Well, having discovered a new site for myself, I decided to check whether it is really a “professional” writing service or not.

Money-Back Guarantee

The first thing that I noticed, of course, was the money-back guarantee. A money-back guarantee is now a huge rarity. This is a cool feature for a writing service. A money-back guarantee is immediately a sign of a good site. However, I made a very quick analysis of students’ testimonials and it gave me a terrible impression. It turns out that the service doesn’t refund money to students who are not satisfied with their work.

I rate their money-back guarantee 3 of 10.


CoolEssay claims that they have a staff consisting of professional writers. Well, I went to a student forum to read about their writers. Bang! One of the testimonials says that the writers don’t follow customers’ instructions. Interesting? Of course, it’s interesting. Actually, I did not think to disassemble this site, I thought to order a paper on one of the available writing services. But when I looked at what people write about their writers compared with what the site says, I decided to write a review, and I can state with evidence that their writers are not so good.

I rate their writers 5 of 10. I hope there are writers on this site who stick to the requirements.

Placing an Order

The process of placing an order there turned out to be dreary (there are lots of fields that need to be filled) and I gave up. I wonder: what would students do if they needed to place orders immediately because they needed to hand in their papers in several hours? They would open the order form and be shocked. Well, in this way, they would not be able to place an order in a few minutes.

I rate their order form 4 of 10.

Blog review

I have already published articles for different sites, not one. Well, more or less I understand how to write so that people will read it. I want to mention that there are hundreds of dull articles, so-called “how to’s.” And there is nothing wrong with this; if people read, why not write? However, I quickly realized that everything is written there not to help students with their writing, but simply to attract new customers on the site. Articles are standard. It seems that they all are written by the book – by the old book. An article there is a set of keywords, stolen pictures, standard recommendations, and advertising. Everything is standard.

I rate the blog 5 of 10.


Also, while reading testimonials, I see that people claim the writers don’t even know English. It seems that they don’t care about such an accusation and work in the same way. According to reviews, they write poor-quality papers and don’t want to improve them. That is why there are lots of unsatisfied customers, and in many ways, fairly so.

Students complain that in their papers there is, frankly, bullshit, in terms of information – that is, they may include irrelevant facts in papers which are not verified by the writers. Also, usually papers are not unique. What would your professor do if you hand in a plagiarized paper? Personally, I’d avoid getting into such a situation. In general, I initially did not want to complain about this site, but the further I learn about it, the worse it gets.

I rate quality 3 of 10 because it is one of the main features of a writing service, and you shouldn’t neglect it.


The site offers writing help with different papers, like dissertations, essays, research papers, etc. But, as I see from reviews, their writers don’t try to write well even on essays. How then can they write dissertations? I hope no one has ever ordered a dissertation there. If you want to get help with writing or editing, you’d better choose some other site.

I rate services 5 of 10.

Prices review

At first, it seems that prices are ordinary. The cheapest paper costs $10. But let’s look a bit closer. For this price, you will get an essay for high school containing 275 words and written in two weeks!!! I quickly realized that if I wanted to get a paper the next day written at an undergrad 3-4 level, I would need to spend more than $25 (for one page, of course). I think that it is rather high for such a paper.

I rate prices 3 of 10. I think prices can be lower, especially considering their quality.


In my cool essay net review, I wanted to show you why you shouldn’t order papers there. The most important thing for a student is to trust a company, to be sure that you will get the paper you want. CoolEssay is not a service you can trust, because it doesn’t provide customers with quality papers – that’s why their reputation is quite poor on the internet.

If you decide to use this site, probably, you did not see other writing services which provide customers with quality, unique papers. Moreover, if you find a better service, you will see that your writing tasks will be completed much faster!


  1. I rep[eat my instruction to a writer for sevferal times and still got the wrong paper!


  2. Stay away from this site! They do not refund money! I ordered a apper here, the writer didn;t follow my instreuction. I got D and the service asked me to pay for revisions! What? Seriously??? I had to do revisions myself!!!


  3. The writer didn’t understand what we must do and write a paper on a completely different topic.


  4. Ordered a research paper on coolessay, but received “something” without arguments and the right structure. Of course, they didn’t refund me money.


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