EduBirdie Review: Fake Photos, BBC News, and High Prices review

Rating: 5/10


  • nice website
  • 24/7 support
  • bonuses for bringing friends


  • overpriced services
  • fake photos
  • poor plagiarism checker

EduBirdie is the most scandalous writing service that you can find on the internet. YouTube, Reddit, BBC – they’re everywhere. Why not contribute to this ocean of EduBurdie reviews, especially when I want to procrastinate so much?

You don’t have to read this review, but if you want to have fun and learn more about this epic service, you’re welcome!

I’ve collected here the features and facts that have surprised me the most. I really don’t know how anybody can take this service seriously. At least we can have fun, right?

Impossibly High Prices

As a rule, pricing policy is the most important aspect for students, as we don’t have much to spend. So, I’ve decided to start my EduBirdie review from prices.

They’re so high! The main page of the website claims that the minimum price is $18, but I’m not sure that it’s a trustworthy statement. I’ve placed two test orders, as I usually do before using a new service.

The first one was similar to the assignment that I wanted to order: a two-page history essay with a 10-day deadline. Here are the bids that I received: review review

The lowest price was $60… Sixty bucks! I can buy a pair of nice shoes for this money. And I love shoes more than grades.

The second order was the easiest that I could think of: a 1-page literary analysis of The Great Gatsby. The lowest price was still more than $18! And I didn’t even pick the Premium or Platinum writers’ category. review

That’s the sad part. Let’s move on to something funnier!

Fake Photos: Why God, Why?

My EduBirdie review won’t be complete without mentioning this aspect, though almost every reviewer includes it in his or her article.

I’ve googled at least three writers’ photos from the profiles on EduBirdie. And I’ve found every picture on third party sites. Actually, other writing services often use the same photos. review review review review

I don’t get this policy at all. As for me, it’s better to have no photos than fake ones on the website. It looks suspicious and undermines the credibility of the service.

I felt confused. Why should I even trust the sources that have fake photos? Now, I’m not 100% confident that all their samples are unique and original. By the way, let’s talk about their plagiarism checker.

EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker Review

In the FAQ section, the service’s team assure the customers that their content is 100% plagiarism FREE. To make sure that they’ve provided you with the original sample, you may use an in-built plagiarism checker.

It’s test-drive time! The experiment was very simple: I copied an excerpt from EduBirdie’s website blog and checked it for plagiarism. review

And I received only a 50.5% uniqueness rate. I want to emphasize that I COPIED this excerpt from their blog, and they haven’t even defined it. In fact, this plagiarism checker determined a totally different source.

What does it mean for the customers? It means that they can post your samples on their blog or sell you the essays that they’ve already published, and this tool won’t show you ANYTHING!

One more thing: this article was posted on February 5, 2019, on the website, and it appeared on EduBirdie’s blog on March 1, 2019. Not cool, EduBirdie. Not cool at all.

BBC News and Other of EduBirdie’s Reviews

I consider BBC News to be a reliable and respected source of information. That’s why I was surprised when I saw the reference on the main page of the writing service.

But I couldn’t help clicking those buttons. And this is what I saw: review

EduBirdie has posted a link on the source that accuses them of selling academic cheating services! Moreover, this article reveals that EduBirdie is managed by the company Boosta located in Ukraine!

I don’t see here any logic at all. Why refer to a source that makes you look bad? No doubt, BBC News is a reputable website, and this makes this act even more stupid. How many users will refuse to cooperate with EduBirdie because of this scandal?

Anyway, this BBC article isn’t the only “positive” EduBirdie review on the internet. review

As you see, not all customers are satisfied with the quality of this service. You can find positive reviews, but I’m not sure that they’re real.

In Small Letters

I want to end my EduBirdie review with something that’ll make you stop and think for a minute. This is what I’ve found at the bottom of the main page. review

How do you like it? Is it a pathetic attempt to fulfill requirements of the law or a weak voice of the consciousness?
As for me, using writing services is cheating, and I’m not afraid of admitting this fact.

Why is EduBirdie afraid or ashamed of their nature? What do they need these small letters for?
I don’t know. But my confidence in this service has fallen even lower.

EduBirdie Review: Verdict

I haven’t gotten any samples from EduBirdie because their prices are impossibly high for me. If you have an extra $80, you’re always welcome to check the quality of their writing.

However, even if they provide good samples, I can’t entrust my personal and payment information to a service that has fake photos, a fake plagiarism checker, and bad reviews.

I give them 5/10 for a nice design and comfortable interface. And that’s all.


  1. I’ve read many Edu Birdie reviews, and that sounds persuasive.


  2. YouTube scandal was huge!! Essay services deserve this!


  3. I’ve ordered one research paper here. And I don’t want more.


  4. The question is whether good writing services exist on our planet? I bet that EduBirdie isn’t the wrost.


  5. Fake photos are my favorite part. Googling things isn’t their strong suit.


  6. Prices are really much higher than on other services. Maybe they provide good samples?


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