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Despite the fact that help from writing services is increasingly becoming a part of students’ lives, many people still struggle with their homework on their own. Of course, it is much easier to ask someone to do your homework for you, but not all writing services can be trusted. I want to share my thought with you about one of these writing sites in my Edusson review.


I suggest you read my review for Edusson very carefully, because I aim going to tell you why this service is not a good option for you. And, most importantly, with my review, you will know what key features are important for a good writing service. This article is aimed at providing the most truthful information. People who are going to use this service will find my review helpful.


The service has a number of disadvantages and is not suitable for everyone. I don’t think Edusson could be a favored writing service because their papers are simply not that great. They offer different types of papers to buy, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Usually, the papers they write contain mistakes and plagiarism. Refusal to stick to academic standards in writing leads to a poor paper, and no one wants to pay for a bad essay.

Edusson Prices Review

It is important to present an Edusson.com prices review, because they are rather high. Due to the high cost, many students won’t afford using this site. You may face the risk of spending all of your money for a poorly-written paper. Any writing service which offers writing help should know about the importance of reasonable prices. If Edusson does not change their prices, I believe they won’t continue to get orders.


I can say that the writers’ work is not professional, because they do the following:

  • plagiarize papers
  • make mistakes
  • write papers with delays
  • fail to format papers correctly
  • don’t stick to customers’ requirements

I think the reason of this is that writers who work for Edusson are not professionals and lack experience in academic writing. People who are going to use this service should know that they probably won’t receive a paper written by an expert in the field. My advice is to look for other writing services where writers receive positive feedback from customers. People who want to receive a paper that will meet their expectations won’t find the help they need here.


Edusson Review Testimonials

I think that my Edusson.com review should include reviews and testimonials from other customers. The site is full of positive testimonials. Even if there is a comment such as “terrible,” the customer still scored the service a 4.5. That looks suspicious, and I think that the testimonials on the site are fake. If you want to know the real opinion from customers and reduce the risk of using a writing service that cheats, you nee to look at reviews and testimonials across the Internet.


Edusson will never be associated with safety for me. The main thing here is that they collect all of your personal information. If you sign in with your Facebook account, they will find out even such information as your hometown, your sex, and so on. I recommend to find another writing service if you really care about your privacy.


Edusson Review Samples

People who are going to use a writing service should look through samples presented on the site prior to placing an order. The main idea here is to understand how their writers write an essay, whether they stick to the format style and how they research the topic. As you can see from the screenshot above, they don’t allow you to read the whole sample without including your e-mail. Of course, it is done to send you promotions and other spam. That doesn’t look professional at all.


I visited the blog on Edusson. For example, I opened an article with so-called “original” topics for research papers, but I saw those original topics so many times before. They should try better in presenting helpful information to students. Explaining to students how to write different papers in simple words is what each blog of a writing service should do.


When we use writing services, we want to receive a paper on time. Handing in a paper on time is important to each student. According to reviews I have found, customers who used Edusson often received their papers after the deadline. So, if you decide to use this site, be ready to get a paper with a delay.

Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee is important for each writing site. There is such an option on Edusson. However, they have too many conditions for customers if they want to get their money back. This means if you don’t like the completed paper at all, you may not get a refund. I think that providing customers with a money back guarantee in these cases is a prerequisite.


I don’t like the service mainly because of the high prices and poorly written papers. I think the service will not be able to achieve world recognition with such an attitude. Instead, they have higher chances to be famous for their bad papers, which are written by non-professionals. Many customers are unsatisfied with their work, and it is not only my opinion. We are not critics, we just tell about our personal experience.

The writing service gets 4 points out of 10 from me owing to their low-quality work.


  1. This review for edusson.com is true because the service is a rel disaster. I thought they will send me paper on time, but I received it two days later!!!!! when I didn’t already need it. Needless to say, that I will not use it anymore!!


  2. Despite the fact that I got my paper on time, it was awful ..


  3. I can call it the worst writing service which I used. BAD SERVI CE!


  4. these guys give customers false sense of quality.


  5. This review on Edusson.com is so well describe their wok, that I can’t even add a word!


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