EssayBox Review: What I Learned from This Service

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Overall rating: 5 out of 10

My experience with EsayBox, a popular writing company, was a rather educational one. When I found that I had become the client of a dubious and illicit company that fails to provide a good half of what it advertises, I began viewing it as a warning experience that would thereafter prevent me from getting trapped into similar scams. This EssayBox review is targeted at raising awareness of the problem of extreme incompetence and unprofessionalism that this academic writing enterprise is soaked in.

What Is EssayBox?

This seemingly impeccable service centers on providing academic writing services to clients mainly comprised of super-busy or work-shy students who constantly put aside their academic duties. EssayBox offers assistance in nearly every academic discipline and claims to deliver excellent quality. The range of the services this company provides goes beyond the regular assortment most companies feature. But, as impressive and compelling as this may sound, EssayBox doesn’t meet the standards of a reputable writing organization that can fulfill your studying tasks in a professional way.

Further in this review, I’ll provide a number of arguments that back up my merciless evaluation of this service.

Questionable Quality

Essaybox Questionable Quality

Score: 3 out of 10

After perusing the service’s description on its website, for some reason my mind generated a rather favorable image of the company’s performance. I had no doubt about the expertise and proficiency of the writing team and thus placed an order on their website, hoping to receive exceptional quality.

But little did I know of what I would get in return for my money and trust. My academic paper was written in an unprofessional and lax manner. It featured a strong inconsistency with the proper academic standards and demonstrated the writer’s poor scholarly background. Their English skills didn’t prove to be any better, either. The writer’s English proficiency was somewhere at the intermediate level, making them incapable of composing sentences with advanced grammar structure and choosing the words properly. To wrap up, the quality of my geography paper signaled an inappropriate approach to working with clients on the part of the company.

The Customer Support Relief

Score: 8 out of 10

Granted, the support center alleviated to some degree the distress caused by seeing the quality of my paper. The workers treated me with the proper regard, showing their respect for me as a customer. I’d also like to emphasize the communication skills of the support rep I dealt with. The girl I had a correspondence with was very caring for my problem and quite supportive. And, from the text of her messages, I could tell that she was rather sincere and kindhearted, trite as it may sound and rare as it may be among today’s writing companies.

I was glad to realize that EssayBox’s support department had nothing in common with the uncooperative writing team of this company. The support team turned out to be the only good thing about the EssayBox service.

Pricing Nightmare

Essaybox Pricing Nightmare

Score: 2 out of 10

The pricing culture at EssayBox is unquestionably frightening. I would even go as far as dubbing such a policy as a severe violation of the industry’s standards as well as moral norms. EssayBox neglects the established rates of setting the prices for its products and services. After my “bad trip” with this service was over, just out of curiosity, I checked out the pricing policies of other companies.

Upon this brief exploration, I was startled by the strong difference between the prices EssayBox featured and those set by other services, of which the performance might have been several times better that EssayBox’s. All in all, the quality EssayBox offers its customers is at odds with what this service asks for it.

Design Aesthetics

Score: 7 out of 10

The company’s website displays a pretty welcoming and elegant design, most likely using this visual feature as another bait for customers. As its header background, EssayBox’s home page has an exhilarating picture of gleeful  college students chatting in the high school hallway, thereby alluding to how impactful the “great” help it provides to students is. Right in the header, customers are offered an order form where they can calculate the price for their paper in a few taps.

What also caught my eye on the service’s home page was the interesting way it arranged a simplified version of an order form — below the flowery description of the company, visitors are given a fancily designed sequence of ordering process steps they need to consider to eventually place an order. However, regardless of the attractiveness and high vibes of the website, its design is a little cumbersome, displaying a somewhat confusing array of information blocks and sections that might overwhelm you. Well, at least, this was the case with me.

Final Lines

Not to be repeated, I learned a good lesson from being a customer of EssayBox. From then on, I became a lot more prudent in considering a writing company to develop a custom paper for me and only applied to the services that were highly reviewed on many platforms. And, my increased accuracy in choosing a writing service has proved to work really well. As for EssayBox, a company that does offer out-of-the-box (only in a negative sense of this word) solutions to creating an academic paper for you, this organization was a big disappointment for me. For this reason, I can’t be as disillusioned as to recommend this monkey business scheme to any of you.


  1. I can relate to this Essaybox review. My experience was similar to the writer’s one((((


  2. not the best service I have tried((((don’t recommend


  3. I payed so much for their lousy work and now I’m looking for a reliable academic service


  4. This EssayBox review is a transparent one, the service did give me a bad time


  5. I ordered two essays at a time, with varying deadlines. Both of them had terrible quality, and one was delivered past due!(( As with another essay, it received it on time, but because of the appalling quality, I had to order a revision and was late to hand in this one, too


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