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My rating 4.9/5
Payment methods PayPal, Visa, Mastercard
The minimum deadline 1 hour
Starting price $16.70/page

Personally, it’s quite hard to find a reliable, well-crafted writing service that will suit my needs. I’m still in search of the ideal service. Finally, I’ve found one that nearly fits my ideal. In this EssayBulls review, I wish to cover all the aspects that I highly appreciate in writing services.
If you are interested in this website, or are seeking a new writing service to try out, read this detailed review. If I could sum up this article with a single word, it would be “marvelous.”

The First Impression (5/5)

EssayBulls is a fairly new writing service, as I have never heard of it before. The service offers a wide variety of typical academic papers: essays, reviews, business plans, case studies, dissertations, and more. You can order a sample paper or improve your paper with the editing and rewriting option. Also, you can specify “other” for the paper if you can’t find the paper type you need.
Like most people, I’m a visual person, so the website appearance and user-friendliness are highly essential for me. EssayBulls has a light and well-designed website. All necessary information can be found on the site, and neutral colors make it a pleasure to use the service.
Also, I want to note that it is a pleasure to see a detailed “how it works” page that explains each step of the ordering process. It has been a problem, as many services don’t bother with instructions, thereby disappointing prospective customers. EssayBulls offers an interactive guide that will walk you through all the steps, from the first to the last step. I wish all services had similar features.
And thirdly, it’s easy to find and make an order on the main page just with a few clicks.

The First Impression - EssayBulls

Services (5/5)

The order form is clear and understandable, as well as the information presented about their services. The EssayBulls writing service offers a standard list of academic papers and an “other” option if you can’t find the paper you need. Nothing new.
The minimum deadline is one hour, so that may be helpful for those who need an urgent paper in the shortest time. For me, this option is a life-saver, as I frequently forget about deadlines and find out about assignments just before they are due.

Prices (4/5)

The price starts from $16.70 per page. It’s not the lowest price I’ve seen, but as practice shows, quality papers do not come cheap. If you don’t want the risk, it’s always better to use services at higher prices. Did you know that writers don’t get all the money you pay the service? A writer with solid knowledge and experience wouldn’t work for peanuts.
In the simple order form, you can see an approximate price for your order considering the deadline and word count. If you have never used writing services with a bidding system before, you may be confused by the expression “approximate.” To make it clear, EssayBulls works like an auction, where writers set their prices for your order. You, in turn, pick the most qualified writer with the most appropriate price. Everything is as easy as 1-2-3.

Prices - EssayBulls

EssayBulls Writers (5/5)

On the website, you can find out some information about the writers. EssayBulls offers you the ability to look through the profiles of top writers, see who is online, check how many orders they have already completed, and find other information. I didn’t expect to see real-life photos in their profiles or their educational institution, as I understand that both writers and customers prefer to remain anonymous. At the same time, I was pleased that you can chat with the writer during the bidding process and find out all necessary information about their educational background, writing style, and experience directly.

EssayBulls Writers
Writers have a rating system that evaluates their performance. Each customer is asked to leave feedback about the quality of the writer’s work.

The Quality - EssayBulls
I was pleased to find out that EssayBulls gives a decent amount of sample essays written by their writers. I have looked through several samples and was quite happy with the quality. If most of the writers stick to the same writing style and quality, the papers are totally worth the price.

Examples of Essays - EssayBulls

My Order (5/5)

The order process is quite simple, and thanks to the how-to manual, every step seems clear. When the writer finished my paper, I looked it through in the preview mode. Luckily, the writer demonstrated a decent level knowledge of my topic and prepared a good essay. No grammar mistakes were detected. I don’t know whether it was just luck that I found a good writer, or if all writers at EssayBulls always work at this level.

Guarantees (5/5)

All terms and conditions can be easily found on the main page. The money-back guarantee claims that you can get a full refund of your costs that you haven’t released to the writer. Also, the service guarantees that you don’t need to pay until you receive the finished paper.
If you worry about the quality of the paper, you can use their free plagiarism checker and ask the writer for unlimited revisions if necessary.

Customer Support (5/5)

You can send an email or use the chat in your personal account to reach customer support. First, I was worried that there is no phone number to call support in case of an emergency. But all my worries swept away when the customer support manager answered my request a minute later. The quality of assistance was friendly, quick, and patient.


  • Prompt and friendly customer support.
  • Good paper quality.
  • One-hour delivery option.


  • Only a few reviews and comments from previous customers.
  • No phone number to contact support.

My Verdict

A money-back guarantee, excellent customer support, and great papers — what more do you want? My experience with EssayBulls was pleasant and positive. If you are searching for a reliable writing service, this service is worth your attention.


  1. I rarely leave feedbacks about services I’ve used, but EssayBulls were really great and I couldn’t resist sharing my experience. I ordered the paper three hours before the deadline and the writer delivered it even earlier than the specified time! He literally saved my skin! And the essay quality was perfectly acceptable. Definitely recommend!


  2. Great writing service. Ordered several essays and research papers and is totally satisfied with the result.


  3. WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! Pretty cool service and nice quality!!!!! try it out!!!!


  4. I use writing services only in extra urgent situations when I cannot manage the paper by myself. 100% satisfied with EssayBulls and it worth every penny.


  5. the service is best and reliable among the wacky marketplaces on the internet. Thanks a lot, bulls))


  6. Thought I’d never trust any writing company after getting ripped off with one “service”. But Bulls made me look at the whole thing from a different angle. I did risk to order my essay on their website. And what I got in exchange for my money was a top quality product and perfect timing. The prices are low which may make you suspicious, but fellas, I assure you that Bulls provide only the best!


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  17. I like the fact that you may pay for paper in parts. Thus i checked them and only after that pay for them. Super easy and honest


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