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Overall rating: 4/10

This Essayedge review has to begin with a brief story of how I ended up with this service. Engaging in the widely promoted “family” of Essayedge was rather surprising for me. When writing my research paper in geopolitical studies, I was pretty sure I would allocate some time for editing it in the long run. But once I was done with my weighty and long-nurtured work, the due date for the paper was crowding me in. And what seemed to be the only reasonable and effective solution was applying for help to a company offering editing services. This is how I found Essayedge, a company that allegedly employs top professional editors and proofreaders.

I bet that the heading to this review gave you some clue about what sort of experience I had with this organization. And I’m about to provide more comprehensive insight into what I’ve been through with Essayedge.

What Is Essayedge? Review What Is Essayedge

Unlike most companies providing academic assistance, Essayedge doesn’t develop products of writing. The organization features only editing and proofreading services, encompassing various academic spheres and sectors. As a distinct category of its services, Essayedge displays the editing of works in medical academic majors such as nursing, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and so on. Another striking element showcased by this organization on the website is its grand image developed with flowery and laudatory text, where the service makes bold claims about its reputability.

And an additional aspect that must prompt moneyed visitors to make an order here is the high prices the service features. Based on this, a user might reason that this company provides excellent and unparalleled academic assistance, charging its customers accordingly. Alas, this is just a mistaken assumption leading most users to begin dealing with Essayedge. The thing is, the service hides its extreme incompetence and inappropriate attitude to its customers under a veneer of grandeur and pretentiousness.

The Edgy Quality of Essayedge’s Performance


This is when all the sweet and promising vibes you get when going through the website content fade away. Shortly after receiving the edited version of my hastily written paper, I discovered that the editor not only missed a great number of writing fallacies including misspellings, punctuation mistakes, and other errors, they “managed” to add new mistakes in the text by revising it! I can’t come up with anything other than calling this way-out “technique” reverse editing, or something like that.

For instance, with the word “phenomena,” aimed to indicate plurality, the editor changed the number category to the singular “phenomenon,” most likely thinking it was the right amendment. What we received ultimately had the following appearance: “The contemporary economics of most Eastern Europe countries have witnessed a series of groundbreaking phenomenon lately.” How compellingly and favorably this sentence would have looked in the paper had I not revised it after the editor! Aside from this fallacy, my research paper featured many more conspicuous shortcomings that demonstrated the editor’s lack of attention.

Offensive Pricing


EssayEdge Offensive Pricing

At Essayedge, it’s not only the poor quality that will blow your mind, but also the pricing policy adopted. Given the prices this company has set, you would think a good half of the editors it employs must be pros from the New York Times or the Guardian moonlighting at Essayedge. But let’s put humor aside and view an example of the company’s pricing. The lowest priced service offered here is proofreading, that is, a “quick polish” of a “neat-final” essay, as they state it. It will cost you $69, which is way too much even for essay writing, let alone revisions.

Then it is the standard quality Essayedge displays: here you’ll have to pay as much as $149, and this service package covers proofreading and an expert critique. Lastly, the premium quality option will cost you at least $349, providing you with one brainstorm session and two rounds of critiques.

My Verdict

Essayedge is a distinctive academic assistance organization that stands out from other companies regarding the services offered. But in terms of its performance, this company is marked by unprofessionalism and a layman’s approach to tending to the orders it receives. For me, the most infuriating thing about Essayedge was the deplorable way the company deals with its pricing policy, disregarding the third-rate quality that customers are forced to pay so unacceptably high prices for. All in all, I recommend you to pass on this shady organization and continue searching for a legitimate and thriving company to handle your studying challenges.


  1. This Essayedge review is really transparent. I had to go through similar pains dealing with it like the author did((((


  2. Another proof that these “experts” are not capable of coping with editing tasks!


  3. Ordered the proofreading of my history paper here((((the prices were ok but I wasn’t quite happy with the quality


  4. I applied for help with editing. My sociology essay needed some trimming and I was so looking forward to qualified help. But as it turned out, the editor couldnt provide me with such and my experience somewhat resembles that of this Essayedge review author.


  5. Not the one I’d order from once again. The service is not the icon of professional assistance


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