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Overall rating: 5/10

With such a heart-warming concept behind its name, EssayMama must prompt curious users to at least pay a visit to “mama’s” web house, if not entrust their studying pains to this “loving” service. And it is indeed the catchy name that serves as bait for the company’s credulous customers, who are looking for committed and dignified academic assistance and instead are facing trickery and incompetence. Therefore, I’m aiming this EssayMama review at warning easily deceived users of the possible dangers they may experience dealing with this company.

Why EssayMama Isn’t the Best Option for You

The product quality this writing organization provides is a far cry from professional academic assistance. EssayMama employs mostly incompetent and  unqualified staff that is incapable of delivering proper help. I can’t say that this organization is the worst of its kind, but it definitely doesn’t belong in the category of services marked by reputability and legitimacy.

The order I received from EssayMama was a big disappointment for me. My dissertation featured an abundance of striking defects that could hardly make it a solid piece of academic writing. And I’ll try to provide a more detailed report of my unfavorable experience with this service.

The Quality review The Quality


“Stolen” Writing 

To begin with, my paper contained a startling amount of plagiarism. While the required uniqueness percentage needed to be a minimum of 85%, the paper featured as little as 45%. Such a considerable shortcoming couldn’t just be ignored, so I contacted the support team asking for the rectification of the text. Further, I’m going to dedicate a few lines to the circuit of troubles I had dealing with the support team. But for now, let’s stick to the plagiarism element of my paper. After days of attacking the support center with my requests for a revision, I finally made some progress by having them assign another writer to revise the paper. The second version of my academic paper turned out to be more unique and freshened.

An English-Illiterate Writing Team

Another painful shortcoming of my paper was its inadequate quality regarding   the use of English. The writer demonstrated a rather poor command of English, which was directly mirrored in their shoddy writing. The text mainly consisted of simple and surface constructions and lacked the proper sentence structure normally adopted in our language.

The writer also misused words, employing a vocabulary that sounded unnatural within the sentence context. For example, they incorrectly used “cope” instead of “deal” in the structure “the paper will cope with the following matters,” or  “discover” instead of “investigate” in “this problem was widely discovered by UK scholars in the 1950s-1960s.” The writing contained many more noticeable deviations and inconsistencies that I won’t bother to mention here.

The Customer Support of EssayMama


Now, let’s go back to the support team’s performance I briefly touched on earlier. After I found that my paper displayed alarming quantities of plagiarism, I right away wrote an e-mail to the company’s support center, hoping to receive a sensible response from its workers. Unfortunately, their reaction was somewhat beneath a committed and loyal attitude to customers. In their response letter, the support reps surreptitiously recommended me to place a new order, which suggested that no revision whatsoever was possible.

This strongly conflicted with the common norms of delivering writing services, as a customer does have the right to request a free revision once the quality provided doesn’t meet the product standards. And in my case, such a disparity between the permissible plagiarism amount and the percentage detected in my research paper was obvious. As evidence, I used the screenshots of the plagiarism checker results as well as the set of requirements I provided when completing the order form. After submitting this body of evidence to the support center, I spent two days waiting for an answer from them. When nothing came, I composed another e-mail, which received well-deserved attention and success. The support acquiesced in providing me with a new writer to revise my plagiarism-laden paper. Hooray!

The Fancy Retro-Inspired Design


Perhaps, any baby boomer whose childhood or adulthood overlapped the remarkable peace-fueled epoch of the 1960s would tremble with nostalgia at the shiny and cozy design of EssayMama’s website. And although I don’t belong to this legendary generation, I was moved with the originality and cool vibes of this peculiar design.

The neat “porch” of the website, its homepage, welcomes you with a cheerful cartoonish image from the early 60s that features a buoyant woman holding an A-graded sheet of paper. Right on the image, you are suggested to place an order by clicking the “Order now” button. Below, you’ll see a series of information blocks introducing you to the company and what services it provides. The header and footer of the webpage contain all the necessary information sections and are easily found. As a whole, the beautiful and inviting design of EssayMama allows you to effortlessly take your bearings around the website and track down everything you need to know about this service.

Final Verdict

Summing up, I’m forced to draw a conclusion that doesn’t work in EssayMama’s favor. The poor performance of this service doesn’t allow it to position itself as an organization that delivers qualified writing assistance. And as much as I may love the heart-warming design of its website, I won’t go for recommending this second-rate company to users.


  1. They should be ashamed of using this sacred word in the company’s name!!!!!


  2. Essaymama doesn’t follow the standards the industry has set. Low-quality products and terrible assistance


  3. It all began after I was assigned two academic papers to complete. So I needed some assistance with one of them. I applied to Essaymama, blinded by the flamboyant design it had. What I received was poor-quality research paper developed by some academic dilettante(((((


  4. The quality of my custom essay just blew my mind!! The paper was written so unprofessionally and lazily(((((But the prices are ok


  5. This essaymama review is correct. My experience with this company can’t be called the best one.


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