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Today’s online writing enterprise is mired in dishonesty and skulduggery, similarly to other trending commercial sectors like the music or clothing industries. That being the case, finding a legit and reputable organization has become a real challenge. And so it has been for me, a regular music academy  student, who encountered a scam service hoping to have a favorable customer experience. Dealing with Essayontime, a mediocre and rather disappointing writing organization, was an intimidating venture. And in this expert Essayontime review, I’ll reveal why this service is not worth a penny.

Essayontime: A Highway to Academic Hell

As a full-scale academic writing company, Essayontime provides help with essays, papers, theses, case studies, reviews, and many other services. The company boasts the wide range of services it delivers and claims to offer only professional and advanced help to its customers. Alas, the high quality it promises to provide prospers only within the bold statements on its website. For me as a customer, it was painful to realize that I had become a victim of a devious business positioning itself as a legitimate and worthy organization.

The Quality Will Tear You Apart

EssayOnTime The Quality


My English literature paper featured very poor quality. The writer failed to follow the basic requirements provided and ended up creating their own structure for developing my paper. This writing “pro” didn’t manage to include the proper thesis statement or argue the paper’s main point in a compelling and thought-provoking way. This all demonstrated the writer’s insufficient academic competence and scant writing expertise.

As for the writing itself, it displayed quite solid language proficiency. The writing demonstrated the author’s strong command of English and resembled the work of a native speaker. The author masterly employed complex grammatical constructions along with literary language. Too bad that the writer’s impressive English was at odds with their academic skills.

Knocking on the Support Team’s Door


Upon receiving the final draft from Essayontime, I instantly spotted the striking shortcomings I briefly mentioned above. I composed an e-mail expressing my dissatisfaction with the quality and requested a free revision. After two days without a response from the support team, I wrote another complaint letter and, in a few hours, the support workers had mercy on me and showed some regard for my problem. In the their response, they stated that I had to place a new order, whereby they could assign a more experienced writer to tend to my paper.

This negligent suggestion was outrageous, as according to what they advertise on the website, a customer is eligible for claiming a free revision if they are unsatisfied with the completed order. So I expounded on this in my next letter to the support reps. And this must have been a true discovery for the workers, since their following response contained an approval to assign another writer to conduct a revision. I can’t treat this situation as something other than a long-cherished victory.

How Come It Costs So Much? How Come It Costs So Much


The pricing policy Essayontime adopts is repelling and fraudulent. And I wouldn’t even call it a policy, but rather an infringement. The prices this service sets do not match its performance, let alone the fact that they are way out of the range of established standards in this industry. A standard-quality paper developed in 20 days will cost you $20, while a platinum-quality writing product generated within a 3-hour time frame will require you to pay $61.

In between the standard and premium quality level, which are the bottom and top options, the company features a medium level which has a higher priority than the others and is titled “best choice.” Setting prices based on varying quality levels is a good solution to employ, but definitely not when these prices largely overcome the actual quality provided.

Is It Really Private With Essayontime?


I was glad to find out that the service leads a pretty customer-favorable privacy policy. It doesn’t require the client’s personal data when they proceed with the order, and adopts a safe mechanism of securing their private information. Before placing my order with this company, I heard a lot about how unreasonable and careless other companies are about processing customers’ data. For this reason, I was quite wary of the service’s privacy system. And, when the order form asked for none of my personal data as I was completing it, I was relieved.

My Verdict: Essayontime Must Not Go On

Notwithstanding the few positive aspects of this writing service, I won’t go for recommending it to other students looking for professional academic assistance. And I’ve got another confession to make based on my own experience with this company: the service is not worth a splurge, and its excellence is rather a big and well-promoted hoax than a reason-based evaluation.


  1. The service is very disdainful about the quality of its products. This Essayontime review is so relevant!


  2. My experience with Essayontime is a great example of how convincing and truth-like can be the way a company positions itself. I let myself get lured by the pretentious description this service makes on its website and its showy design. Essayontime can hardly be called a worthy writing service.


  3. The quality I received was abominable((((((( Don’t trust this service.


  4. Wow, it charges the customers really hard!!!! The service’s products are not as excellent as the “loftiness” of the prices


  5. Won’t order from them once more. The prices are pretty decent but all of the rest sucks


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