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General Rating: 4.6/10

Writing essays and other academic papers is a pain in my back. I hate writing boring academic texts at all, so I periodically use writing services to ease this pain. Some of them work great, while others leave me disappointed. I like to experiment, and today I share with you my Essay Pro reviews.

Service Overview

EssayPro is one of the most popular academic writing services. If you input in Google search “writing service” you will probably find EssayPro in the first 10-20 results. But I don’t know if this popularity is because of money they pay for promotion, or because people really frequently use their services.

Let’s look at the main page of EssayPro. As the saying goes, never tell a book by the cover, but as for me, the main page of the website can tell you much about the service. Here you can see claims like, “We’ll make the grade,” and guarantees like, “No more sleepless nights.” And I was left questioned about the first expression – can they really earn a certain grade? Pffffft!

In general, the website has a nice design, but it’s overloaded with information and strange headings. Also, why claim that they can handle any order when the minimum deadline in the order form is six hours? A small lie can turn into a pack of lies, you know.

The section of how to order an essay is quite hard to understand, but I’ve managed to make an order. And when I’ve tried to go to one of the “top essay writers” it moved me to a 404 page. The service doesn’t pay attention to the main page, so what may we think about the service quality?

My rating: 4/10
Summary: I don’t like when services provide false and misleading information. I refrained from giving a zero (but I wanted to) because of the design.

Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews on essay pro are for the last 12 months. There are no negative reviews at all. Generally speaking, reviews look like they are from real people. review

Only a few testimonials are with a lower rating. Mostly issues are connected with grammatical errors, not following the instructions, and writing style. review

My rating: 8/10
Summary: Customer reviews are too positive and it’s suspicious. Usually, people tend to leave negative reviews.


An Essay Pro review won’t be complete without the overview of prices. The service doesn’t provide a fixed price for your paper, as it will depend on price offers from available writers. The calculator provides only the minimal price, and it’s sad. What if my order for the minimal price will be prepared by an Australopithecus?
I have taken a screenshot of several writers who have set bids for my order. As you can see, for my order I can pay $44.20 or $60. What do you think: did I pick the author with Patrick Jane’s photo? It would’ve been much better if the author used a picture of a cat. review

While the option to choose the writer for you paper may seem attractive, this may take time to post your order to the system and wait for the bids. Patrick Jane’s photo. The one-page essay will cost you minimum $11. I haven’t found any free features or discounts. Sad.

My rating: 6/10
Summary: Prices are quite attractive, but the bidding system makes me sad. How can I know that the writer is actually good? Or where is a guarantee that I will receive a good paper for the lowest bid? No discounts. No freebies.


EssayPro says that they deal with services like writing, rewriting, and editing. You can choose the paper type and subject, and add instructions to your order. The list of subjects is extensive. review

A negative fact is that EssayPro doesn’t provide plagiarism reports (or a plagiarism checker) to find out the originality of the paper. Also, I’m interested what I should do if I don’t have a topic and want the writer to pick it for me. There are no additional features at all.

My rating: 5/10
Summary: The navigation is quite inconvenient. The list of services is poor.

Customer Support

If you have questions about the service, you can contact the support manager right on the main page or from your personal account. The service doesn’t mention how long I should wait for the response, and it’s quite frustrating. In general, customer support looks nice on the website. review

But how does the service respond on customers’ issues outside the website? Let’s take a look! I have found a negative review among Facebook EssayPro reviews that beautifully depicts the service. I couldn’t passed this review, as it greatly shows their attitude to customers. review

The client was unsatisfied with the quality and asked for a refund. The service has threatened him that they will contact the college and tell that the client has used their writing service. I think this is more than unacceptable. Let’s look at the service’s response: review

As you can see the service notes that they offer papers as references or samples that are not ready for submission. But at the same time they offer a refund if the customer provides proof of a low grade. This has blown my mind! And threatening that the paper will be uploaded to Turnitin – what the hell?!

The depicted situation is only a small glimpse. The representative of the company didn’t ask the customer to provide at least the number of the order or the customer ID to clarify the issue. What if every unsatisfied customer is threatened?

My rating: 0/10
Summary: Think hard on whether to use a service that may ruin your confidentiality or just threaten you. EssayPro lies at every step. Be aware!


What can I say? EssayPro is a fraud service that does not hold. Lies on the main page, inconvenient ordering and pricing system, and disrespect to customers. Besides, the service doesn’t provide any guarantees. As you can see, the design of the website is nice, but if you dig deeper you will be unpleasantly surprised. I can’t recommend this website at all.

Overall rating: 23/50

Thank you for your attention! I hope my experience was helpful.


  1. I have experienced the same situation. Poorly written paper and rejection for the refund.


  2. I have ordered a research paper and the writer have written a complete nonsense. Even after several revisions the paper didn’t become better. The lazy customer support has ignored me. I couldn’t submit the crap I’ve got and missed the deadline. ALL I CAN SAY: ESSAYPRO ARE SHITTY SCAMMERS!


  3. The grammar of essaypro writers is really poor. They don’t even force to make a little research on the topic and write explicit crap.


  4. lol I have used this service and can’t recommend either


  5. It’s a shame to use my photo without permission!


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