Essaythinker: An Insider’s Look

Essaythinker: An Insider’s Look

Overall rating: 5/10

Within the academic writing industry, almost all companies are rather identical in terms of the service range they offer. But when it comes to the quality provided, writing companies dramatically differ from each other. And, based on this critical factor of a company’s performance, I wouldn’t say that we can classify them roughly into two broad categories of successful and unsuccessful ones.

Depending on the product quality, academic writing companies may actually be of numerous types. Essaythinker, the service I happened to deal with, delivered to me a writing product of rather low quality, which is the reason why I would discourage people form opting for this organization. And in this Essaythinker review, I’m going to elaborate on what exactly about this service’s performance made me turn my back on it.

My Non-Academic Academic Paper: The Quality


I’d like to begin my assessment of Essaythinker with the most critical aspect of any company’s reputability: quality. I was strongly dissatisfied with my research paper in terms of stylistics. It featured a tremendous amount of the writer’s fallacies and their severe lack of an academic background. The piece of writing more closely resembled a poor scientific article than a solid research paper. The writer failed to provide the proper argumentation to the subject matter in question, although they did manage to deliver a compelling thesis statement at the beginning of the paper.

Based on the writing itself, it was possible to conclude that the writer’s knowledge of English was rather advanced. Throughout the paper, the writer was adept at employing a sophisticated and refined writing style, at the same time making the text go smoothly and naturally. I was pretty surprised by such  exceptional English skills of a person who had trouble shaping a paper in a way that conforms to academic standards.

What about the Support Team?


Essayontime’s support center doesn’t provide proper assistance. After noticing the obtrusive shortcomings in my custom paper, I contacted the customer support team. I was shocked by the lack of professionalism and expediency on the part of the support reps — my first e-mail was ignored, and when I sent another angry letter to the department, it was left pending for three days. Then, a support rep finally responded to my desperate attempts to help my problem.

In their response letter, they tried to talk me out of requesting a revision of my paper, instead suggesting that I should place another order, which evidently would be tied to an additional charge. My reaction to this scam the reps were trying to get me into was instant and unwavering: I demanded that they seek another more adequate writer to revise my paper in an appropriate and accurate way or I would take this as far as suing them. Granted, my threats turned out to be quite effective — the support workers consented to providing me with a new writer to do the revision of the paper.

How Reasonable Is the Pricing Policy?


While showing meager regard for quality and customer requests, Essaythinker  does lead a favorable pricing culture. The company charges relatively little for its services of admittedly dubious quality (apparently, this explains the customer-friendly policy). As a student on a tight budget, I was pleased to know that my custom paper wouldn’t cost me a fortune.

However, my rejoice proved to be pretty untimely given my little understanding of what I would receive for the low price I was to pay. Putting the problem of my financial struggles aside, I would rather have paid more for my order than clean up the incompetence and idleness of the company’s employees.

How Well Does the Company Protect You? - Protect


When I began the ordering procedure, I feared the service would want to have some of my personal information, if not all my private data. And what an incredible sense of relief I felt after discovering that the order form had no categories requiring personal information. To my mind, privacy and confidentiality should be placed the highest among the objectives and priorities of any writing service.

For a student, realizing you are a customer of a company of dubious reliability is highly embarrassing and deprecating. And this is the critical reason why we are so concerned about our confidentiality and anonymity. At Essaythinker, they seem to take this delicate matter into serious consideration, which is followed by effective and beneficial solutions to customer security.

My Final Verdict

Drawing the line in this Essaythinker review, the first and most important thing I’d like to stress is that this company is not the best choice for students hoping to receive high-quality academic assistance. The service has a vast number of downsides resulting from the unprofessional and negligent crew it employs. The writers are way out of their depth, the support workers provide “help” that works solely in the company’s favor, and many other conspicuous ills that Essaythinker features make it a mediocre and ill-conceived organization that aims to capitalize on customers’ trust. If you crave for a legit and genuinely thriving writing company, you should pass on this suspect business and keep searching for something more valuable and worthy.


  1. A wack service, I agree with the author of this Essaythinker review! I tried asking for a refund after receiving my lazily developed paper, and was subjected to a series of scolding email from them((((


  2. This Essaythinker review is another evidence of how badly this company works. I had a terrible experience with them.


  3. The quality of chemistry essay was really good. I’m a little shocked at their high prices!


  4. My problem with the support center had something in common with what the author of this Essaythinker review went through. I called the support team asking to them to change the writer who would do my thesis from scratch. But they kept explaining me that despite my dissatisfaction with the quality of my thesis, I had to pay the same price once again. I simply gave up on then and applied for assistance at another service((((


  5. I doubt that this service can offer something valuable given the poorly developed content on their website that displays an array of mistakes.


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