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Each writing service can have great resonance, and it doesn’t matter if it turns out to be good or bad. Students still use writing sites and compare them with each other. In this sense, EssayTyper is not an exception. When I first found this site, it was interesting for me. It actually doesn’t sell papers, but instead helps students to write their papers. Alas, no miracle is involved, and the service confidently collects negative testimonials. According to them, the site takes content from sites like Wikipedia. I decided to figure out what prevents EssayTyper from winning the hearts of the public and why many call it a bad service. Check out my EssayTyper review. Review - Is This Site Good

The service has obvious problems with their help

After using EssayTyper, there are many unclear points:

  • If you have used other writing services, then it will be completely incomprehensible why they don’t sell papers.
  • Everyone realizes that the service takes some content from Wikipedia, which leads to disastrous consequences in the form of plagiarism.
  • You just need to type what you want, and the text appears — you can’t control anything else there.
  • It becomes clear that you don’t need to pay for anything, because there is nothing to actually pay for. You get an essay copied from other sources without the proper formatting.

It is better to buy an essay than to use EssayTyper

A standard writing service largely wins thanks to having a professional team of writers. It is a rather difficult task to write a decent paper on your own even with the usage of such sites as EssayTyper. It becomes clear that EssayTyper is weaker than a standard writing service. I think sites that sell papers unwittingly draw attention to themselves. If you decide to save your time on writing, you had better choose another option than using this site.

The texts turn out to be rather banal

In my review, I should mention the text that actually appears on the screen. To be honest, the text that appears when you type looks rather uninteresting. The topic I chose as an example was the American Civil War, which is rather interesting, but the text that appeared seemed like dryly written Wikipedia facts slapped together. So the main idea of EssayTyper is to help students come up with basic ideas about the topic. So, developing your topic further is possible only if you do the research yourself. This service will not tell you anything new.

EssayTyper Review The texts turn out to be rather banal

Using the service is rather complicated. I love writing services that are easy to use. I preferred such sites to those like EssayTyper. When I tried to use it, I didn’t understand how to copy the text from it or how to download it. For some reason, they make it impossible to understand how it works. Many customers noted that the service seemed odd, and they also didn’t find out how to get the completed text. The service turns out to be so unclear that it is impossible to look at it without irritation. This is bad for an academic site, especially when you consider that this service needs to be helpful to students.

It is not clear how to contact support

It seems that the creators have not figured out how to provide support to customers. I had many questions while using EssayTyper, but couldn’t find anyone to help me. On the one hand, the service is used for free, and they probably couldn’t find people who would do free work. On the other hand, they should make the service more understandable for users in this case. The result is unsatisfying for me. Still, in order to keep customers on the site for a long period of time, support is needed.

You will spend too much time here

When you type, the text appears in small parts. So, you need to type for a long time in order to see the entire text. Frankly, it becomes boring to see how those small parts appear on the screen. As for the usability, I have already blamed EssayTyper — the service is not very clear, so you will spend time trying to figure out how to get the completed text. So, I came to the conclusion that it is better to do something with a service that helps customers save time.

One pleasant thing is the price

Some of you would ask, “how much should I pay for this service?” Of course, you won’t buy expensive papers here. The tool is presented for free. But this fact doesn’t make EssayTyper cooler, because I’d rather pay for a quality essay than use this, in my opinion, useless tool which can’t even give you a completed text.


Have you ever used a writing service that sells papers? I’ll tell you as someone who used both a writing service that sells papers and a site with writing tools like EssayTyper: there is no reason to use this site. They won’t help you much. It is not a good option if you think that you can easily write your paper with its help. You will most likely not achieve good results in your writing if you use the EssayTyper tool. If you want to receive a unique paper, it is better to look for a writing service that will write the paper for you for some money.

My rating for this service is 4 out of 10.


  1. it constantly copies texts from Wikipedia. Just awful. If you ask me if legit or not, I would say NO!!!


  2. you just need to accept the fact that texts there contains material from wiki. I can’t recommend this service.


  3. with a high probability all your paper will be plagiarized if you use this service. Don’t use it please….


  4. it is services like this that can’t help at all!!


  5. I try to use this site and I can say that this EssayTyper review is absolutely right! The tool is useless.


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