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Overall rating: 4/10

The reason why most students apply for academic help from online services is their reluctance to “nerdify” their lives with obnoxious studying chores. This is what actually made me become a customer of Gonerdify, a writing company promising its clients qualified academic assistance. And my experience with this service unprecedentedly proved that the bright and expertly developed design of a company site may be so severely and sharply contrasted by its performance and attitude toward its customers. In my Gonerdify review, I’ll explain why I don’t consider this writing service to be an appropriate choice for students.

My Overall Impression

My experience with Gonerdify was full of disappointment and exasperation. The company’s bold statements about how devotedly its “nerds” assist students in their studying proved to be just empty claims left unfulfilled. Enticed by the top-notch design of its website, I was hoping to receive first-rate help with my academic paper, only to face fraud and professional misconduct in the long run. I was very upset to find out that the awe-inspiring image of this organization is so divergent from the reality.

…Diving Deeper

Gonerdify.com Review Nerdify Help

Now, I want to elaborate on what exactly this pretentious service put me through while seemingly making attempts to help me out with my academic challenges.

  • Quality Provided  3/10

As I stressed earlier, Gonerdify is a substandard writing company encompassed by far-reaching hype, which is what drives many students to “befriend” it. The quality I received from this well-promoted organization was way below par, suggesting the insufficient competence of the writing team and the company as a whole. My paper had an extensive number of shortcomings and weaknesses that demonstrated the writer’s inadequate approach to academic writing. The “nerd” had difficulties developing the proper essay format, which led to several substantial formatting inconsistencies. Further, the author failed to stick to the title page requirements I had provided, instead applying some odd and incorrect structure. Then I noticed the vague way of arguing the main point that the writer employed in my essay. They didn’t provide solid arguments to support the thesis statement, trying to back it up with references to works that contradicted the statement made in the beginning of the paper.

What about the writer’s English? Their English proficiency was hardly reminiscent of the proper command of my mother tongue. The writer would turn to using unnatural grammatical constructions and misplacing words in a sentence. The writing made it clear that the author lacked a background in English and was incompetent in developing texts of acceptable quality in my language.

  • Pricing Policy  6/10

For the payment system, the service uses a bidding mechanism, where the customer can choose the writer themselves. Here’s how this avant-garde pricing culture works: a customer posts their order as a bid on the website, waits for the writers willing to offer their prices, and then picks the writer based on their own preferences. Such a system is highly convenient, as it permits you to choose the price for your order and prevents you from being randomly assigned writers who have dubious competence.

But given the experience I had with my order, I can state that even if a client is the one to decide what writer will complete their task, this doesn’t guarantee that the assignee will conform to the accepted standards for writing an academic paper. That being the case, succeeding with the choice you make in the bidding system is still a matter of luck.

  • Privacy Regulations  8/10

Gonerdify Review Privacy Regulations

The privacy policy this service adopts is rather favorable to customers. Gonerdify does value the privacy and confidentiality of its customers, applying strict regulations for their protection. As I proceeded with placing my order, the system didn’t require me to provide any of my personal information. The data I provided was confined only to my Facebook ID and phone number. As for me, this is a pretty considerate approach to interacting with a client, given the extent of cyber crime in relation to businesses today.

My Verdict

As you must have figured out by now, I’m not excited to be a client of these idle and incompetent “nerds.” Gonerdify has a long way to go to provide top-grade academic assistance. The flamboyant allure the website conveys may trap someone into seeking help from this organization, but it will never make up for Gonerdify’s severe lack of professionalism and commitment.


  1. Wow, what a scam the service is !!!!! Had to ask them for a refund((((


  2. I’m okay with their prices, my paper really cost me nothing. But what concerned me was the quality of my paper


  3. This Gonerdify review mirrors the truth about this service. It’s not worth the money(((((


  4. Gonerdify is all wack(((((((( At first, I was so glad it used bidding for setting the price. I passed my order to one of the writers who offered most reasonable price. Then I had my jaw drop at the abominable picture my essay had – poor English, no academic framework, and stuff


  5. I was quite happy with the price I payed, but the quality really suffered


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