GrabMyEssay Review, or Why You Should Stay Away from This Service review

Rating 2/10

As you have probably guessed, I have nothing good to tell about GrabMyEssay. Okay, one thing – they have a discount for their regulars. On the other hand, I’m not sure that this service has at least one loyal client.

There is no need to save my verdict for later. This service is 100% horrible. No excuses.

And my GrabMyEssay review will prove that.

My First Impression

Yeah, that’s it. This main page looks like it was created ten years ago. I’m not a person who judges a book by its cover, but this design is too much. How can this service take care of my homework if they can’t take care of their own website?

Contrast colors, small letters, different fonts, and a bunch of icons – they’re enough to cause seizures. But the web design isn’t what my GrabMyEssay review is about. Let’s move on to the order form.

Order Form

The first step of the ordering process has raised three questions at once. And each one of them has made this service look fishy.

  • Question №1

Why the hell do I have to pay an additional fee to request a preferred writer? It’s not that I will make him work no matter what. That’s just my preference because I want to work with a reliable author! So not cool. review

  • Question №2

Why the hell do I have to pay more for UK writers? Are they smarter than US citizens? Maybe they know English better? And it’s not the first time I have faced this “choice.” review

  • Question №3

Why so many academic levels? Is there any significant difference between “Sophomore” or “Junior”? As for me, that’s just another cheap trick to make you spend more money on your order. review

That was just the first stage of the ordering process. More surprises were waiting for me.

Additional Fees and Other Pricing Troubles

When you see the phrase “Prices starting at $14.99 per page,” you get ready to spend approximately 15 bucks on your 1-page essay, right?

How would you like $100 for an essay???

It turned out that GrabMyEssay makes their customers pay for services, such as high-quality customer service or proofreading, which should automatically be free of charge.

For the first time in my life, I have seen the service “Originality report.” You have to pay an additional $29.99 to make sure that the provided sample is unique. Why does this service exist if they claim all their papers to be 100% original??? Oh, it looks so bad.

When it comes to customer service, these guys are simply the best. You have to pay an additional fee to stay updated on your order or to make sure that your order will be delivered on time!

Here is their pricing:

  • Basic: Contact center agents available 24/7 over the phone and in chat.
  • Advanced ($9.99): A team of support agents update you on your order progress and communicate with your writer.
  • Premium ($14.99): A dedicated support agent and QA specialist control your order quality and timely delivery.

Nice, right? Maybe I should also pay for their blog articles or for looking at their amazing interface? review review

I will move on to the next topic of money in my GrabMyEssay review.

Money Back: Guarantee or No Guarantee

I never accuse writing services of scamming without evidence. So, here you go!

Their money-back policy has been created to cover their back, not to protect the customers.

For example, they don’t guarantee that a rush order (3-hour or 6-hour deadline) will be of good quality. And if you aren’t satisfied with it, you can do NOTHING! They can simply decline your request with no consequences. review

In case they fail to deliver your long-term order (14 days +), they’ll compensate only 7%! That’s outrageous! Imagine if you got a zero for your $100 essay because they were late, and you get only $7 back. review

In fact, they make their problems (low quality and late delivery) yours. Nice move.

Questionable Statistics

Usually, writing services reveal their statistical data to boast. “We have so many writers, we have completed so many orders,” etc. But the thing about this GrabMyEssay review is that you never know how I can make it even more shocking.

On the main page, you can see that their writers are preparing 879 orders at the moment. Actually, I don’t really get what it means in the first place. Let’s suggest that they’ve completed only 131 orders out of 879. That sucks.

If they’re working on these 879 orders right now, then how can 16 operators handle all the possible requests?

In this case, statistics only make everything worse. review

Customer GrabMyEssay Reviews

This is my favorite part of my GrabMyEssay review. “1 star is too much,” “PLAGIARISM,” and “Waste of money” are the best characteristics provided by internet users.

I want to thank people who find enough time to write these testimonials. They’re really helpful and can save other students money. review review review

No doubt, you can find positive feedback about this service. But I wouldn’t rely on it if I were you.

GrabMyEssay Review: Conclusion

My verdict is relevant to my starting point. This service is 100% horrible. You don’t need it in your life. If you have some kind of masochistic inclination – you’ve found a perfect place to satisfy your needs.

GrabMyEssay will take your time, money, and soul, and then give you nothing back. The internet offers hundreds of similar services, so you had better go look for another one.


  1. I regret that I’ve not read this grab my essay review before. My essay was like 18/75!!!! And I picked “premium” writer. I think he is ESL speaker, definitely not American. This service is a total SCAM!


  2. Their design is what made me stop. Thanks god.


  3. The existence of such services make me sad. Ordering essays is cheating, but they should at least follow some kind of code like, for example, professional killers.


  4. Paid customer support? Are they out of their minds? That’s their JOB, I don’t have to pay for it!


  5. Now I understand why it’s so much hate in other grab my essay reviews. They have baaaad karma.


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