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If you still have not heard about GradeMiners, I will tell you about it in my GradeMiners review today. It is one of the writing services where students can order papers. They claim that they write papers of different types and on different topics. I had found this site not long ago and decided to find out whether they are as great as they say.

My rating – 4 of 10.

I believe that writing services like this are, in fact, the worst option for ordering papers. Their work makes me doubtful of their quality. Of course, you can use it if you want to get a paper with stolen content, but I don’t recommend it. I saw lots of negative reviews on grade miners, and the number is constantly growing. I know that there are other writing services where students can buy papers, but today I decided to write about this one, because the quality of their work is quite low.


The writers here compose low-quality papers, which means that students will not get good grades for such papers. Perhaps I’m not the person who can judge other people’s work, but lots of reviews say that the quality of their papers is low. Why even place an order on such services after reading numerous negative comments about the quality?

I rate quality 4 of 10.


Having found this site, I thought it was great that they guarantee timely delivery to students. But wait a minute… They say that 97% of assignments are completed on time. What about the other 3%? What if my order will be in this 3%? I don’t want to order a paper on a service that can’t guarantee me on-time delivery.

I rate delivery 4 of 10.


The service offers different types of services, including writing, editing, and working with different types of assignments. If you don’t care about your grades, of course, you can try them. I have read GradeMiners reviews from students who only used their writing services, so I don’t know how they deal with editing, for example. Nevertheless, many students don’t like their writing services.

So, I rate services 5 of 10.

Prices review

Do you see how the prices differ according to the urgency? The price gets larger if the deadline is closer. For example, if you need your college essay to be written for tomorrow, you need to pay at least $28.95. I would say that the prices are rather high – not every student can afford ordering a paper here.

I rate prices 3 of 10.


I wanted to find a page where I could learn about the writers who work for the service, but didn’t find it. Before using a service, I would like to know what degrees the writers have, and whether they are experienced in writing – it would help me to make the right decision. I saw other writing sites where writers’ ratings and awards were displayed, but not on GradeMiners. Moreover, you don’t have the opportunity to select a writer on this site.

I decided to rate writers 4 of 10.

About Us

This section is a rather boring page with useless information. They claim that the service was founded in the US, but didn’t include their official address – that’s strange. Also, it is said that in 2012, they attracted 2000 academic writers to their team. It is logical that now their team should be bigger. But I doubt it, because if you have so many writers in your team, you should provide customers with the opportunity to chose a writer, and they don’t offer such an option.

I rate their “about us” section a 5 of 10.

Guarantees review

The first guarantee that they present is a quality guarantee. This is true for some other writing services who provide customers with quality papers, but not for this site. I have already mentioned that almost all reviews on GradeMiners show that they don’t provide customers with quality papers. In order to guarantee quality, you must fulfill your guarantee!

One more guarantee is confidentiality. I tried to place an order there and saw that they require my phone number. Why do they need my phone number? I just want to quickly place an order and mind my own business. I don’t have time to talk with anyone and don’t want writing services to know my phone number. I can understand including an email, but that’s all. It doesn’t seem to provide 100% confidentiality to me.

Also, they guarantee that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with their work. In the Grade Miners reviews that I saw, I noticed that there were situations where customers didn’t get their money back. Writers create plagiarized papers and send them to customers hoping that they don’t notice. But when it turns out that customers are not fools and they can check papers via plagiarism detection programs, the service simply refuses to give a refund.

My rating for their guarantees is 3 of 10.


The problem with many writing services (GradeMiners is not an exception) is that they cheat their customers. Sometimes they plagiarize their papers, send poor-quality papers, or send them after the deadline. This service, for my review, committed all of these mistakes. They guarantee something, but don’t stick to these guarantees. I can say that this service is the worst according to customers’ opinions. If they want to gain a good reputation, they need to change their attitude towards their customers.


  1. I was floored when I saw their attrctive discounts. I decide to use their citation generator for APA format. The result was awful. The list I got was not in APA format. I still had to spend time to correct it.


  2. This service should be penalized because they put students’ repuation at risk!!!!


  3. They missed ny deadline and I couldn’t get in touch wuith the writer directly!


  4. I wasted hundreds of bucks on poorly written papers and didn’t even get a refund.


  5. I saw lots of positive reviews, but finally I found the true one! Had negative experience with them as well. Plus, I couldn’t use the discount they promote everywhere!


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