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For some people, helping others is a business, not a lifestyle. Academic writing services do homework assignments for students. It’s not illegal or immoral activity — students know that submitting someone else’s samples is academic dishonesty. But companies don’t take responsibility for what customers do with samples because they provide texts for “educational and reference purposes only.”

But this MyAssignmentHelp review isn’t about the students who violate college rules. I’ll leave this topic for other writers. My concern is that not all companies sell high-quality plagiarism-free samples, and many of them trick students. In this article, I want to focus on what exactly makes MyAssignmentHelp a poor choice for ordering academic paper samples.

MyAssignmentHelp Review — Reason №1: Base of Samples and Answers

The first thing I check when I stumble upon a new academic service is the website’s content. If it’s clear, well-structured, and informative, that’s an indicator of a professional company. In the case with MyAssignmentHelp, I was shocked by the abundance of content.

They claim that they have MILLIONS of readymade answers and samples on the site, let alone their blog. Of course, “millions” is a clear exaggeration, but the amount of available material is really impressive: approximately 70,000 samples and 80,000 answers. Can you imagine such an amount of work?

No one would do that for free. My best guess is that they publish samples and answers that students have paid for. The service gets double the profit: a customer pays for the order, and then they get free content for the website that attracts new clients. That’s genius!

Unfortunately, if that’s true, their guarantee of 100% original papers is fake.

MyAssignmentHelp review — Reason №2: Referring Program

I can’t say whether MyAssignmentHelp provides low-quality assistance, as I had five reasons not to order from this service in the first place. But I know for sure that their marketing department is a well-oiled machine.

I have never seen an academic writing service that offers real money for referring friends! As a rule, companies offer coupon codes, discounts, or bonuses that customers may use for further purchases.

But MyAssignmentHelp acts differently: they offer a 10% commission on all referral orders. That’s a slick move! Some customers might recommend this service not because of its good quality, but because they want to make some money!

This strategy is unfair and immoral. In fact, it’s a pyramid scheme, and the owner of the company is on the top. I think that, from the perspective of practicality, they are perhaps doing nothing wrong. But imagine how many people were scammed in this scheme! This factor is enough to leave this website forever and never use it again.

MyAssignmentHelp Review — Reason №3: Fake Testimonials

Another favorite trick of academic writing services is fake positive feedback. All the sites use them, and nothing can convince me otherwise. The fact that MyAssignmentHelp uses them didn’t shock me at all. However, the way this company uses fake reviews is illogical.

On their Privacy Policy page, I spotted the following excerpt:

MyAssignmentHelp Review Fake Testimonials

But take a quick look at the testimonials at the bottom of the main page: Review Fake Testimonials

Right, they have photos, a full name, and the country! How is that relevant to the privacy policy? All of us know that fake reviews are a popular technique for writing services. But on MyAssignmentHelp, they went too far.

I’m not a fan of marketing tricks, especially when they’re designed 100% for deceiving. My trust for an online service disappears in seconds as soon as I notice such manipulation of character.

MyAssignmentHelp Review — Reason №4: Fake Experts

The majority of writing services keep the identities of their experts anonymous. That’s understandable, as such activities are frequently associated with academic dishonesty. As a rule, writers use icons, stock photos, or pictures of subjects as their profile photos.

If all the photos represent real people, something feels weird. I definitely had to check them. In the case with MyAssignmentHelp, my instincts were right.

One of the writers, Daphne Lip, appeared to be Daphné Lubert-Perquel, who graduated with an MPhys from the University of Exeter. Review Experts

Her bio in the MyAssignmentHelp portfolio says that she graduated “from Campion College at the University of Regina.” Obviously, the service stole Daphné’s photo without her consent. This move is immoral, and perhaps illegal.

This is another expert from MyAssignmentHelp. His name is John Perna, and he is “a guest lecturer at Norwich University College Of The Arts.” In real life, his name is António Jacinto, and he is a member of the Installation Committee in the Discoveries Centre for Regenerative and Precision Medicine in Portugal. Review Fake Experts

What a twist! I suppose that António may have a twin brother, but in that case, they would have the same family name. So, no excuses for this trick!

MyAssignmentHelp Review — Reason №5: Pricing Policy

When you buy online, you want to know how much you’re going to spend on your purchase. I’ve looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find any information about the prices on the MyAssignmentHelp website.

Then, I checked the reviews sites and found this warning:

MyAssignmentHelp Review Pricing Policy

I can’t be 100% sure about scams and fraudulent activities, but it’s clear that you won’t know the price without sharing your e-mail and phone number.

For me, it’s a red flag.

MyAssignmentHelp Review — Conclusion

Five compelling reasons are enough to forget about this service and start searching for another one. Please, be careful and always check new writing services thoroughly. Below, I’ll write the list of criteria that I use:

  • affordable pricing policy
  • comprehensive information about writers and services
  • clear privacy, revision, and refund policies
  • informative blog
  • good-looking design and simple interface
  • guarantees
  • contact information
  • positive customer feedback
  • free plagiarism checker


  1. Not sure about scam??? I can assure you that these reports are real!!!


  2. I’ve seen many positive myaasignmenthelp reviews. Maybe all of them are fake?


  3. I couldn’t find out what price I would pay. So, I left this fishy website.


  4. I don’t know whether the service is bad or only customer support, but I have no intention of ordering from them.


  5. Why pay money if they have so many ready samples?


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