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Regrettably, the work of certain writing services causes bewilderment. I don’t want to offend anybody, but there are writing companies that should stop providing students with their unprofessional help. I have compiled a selection of writing services that you shouldn’t use, and today I want to talk about one of them in my NinjaEssays review.

A sad and unpleasant impression

I can’t say that I was satisfied using NinjaEssays. The reason is that I received a paper that seems to have been written by someone who was not a native English speaker. I don’t recommend you to ask them to help you, as you won’t get the help you expect. You are lucky to have found this review — I will tell you about all the disadvantages of this service.

Is NinjaEssays legit?

I have doubts about whether NinjaEssays is legit, and I have concluded that it is better not to use it. Probably, you can order a paper there and then use it as a sample. But you need to be careful. Recently, I have read through some testimonials from customers who have said that their writers deliver plagiarized papers. If you don’t want to be cheated, use some other service.

What other people think about NinjaEssays

I decided to find out why the NinjaEssays service causes so much unrest and is considered a potential danger by reading through customers’ testimonials. According to what I see on the Internet, they desperately need to improve their quality. Many customers share their opinion of the site, and it’s not positive at all. It is not surprising that the site has quickly gained a bad reputation, and the number of dissatisfied people continues to grow. One of the reasons is their privacy policy, which gives the service unlimited and irrevocable rights to use customers’ personal information. Customers are frightened by the possibility that their data can be transferred and used by third parties for vague purposes. As a result, the NinjaEssays rating continues to fall. This situation with the privacy policy once again reminds us of the need to read everything with which we agree to use.


The situation is aggravated when it comes to writers who work on NinjaEssays. Many people worry that their papers won’t be written professionally. I can say that these worries are understandable, because I believe that no professional writers work here. There have been many incidents where their writers use copied parts from papers written by others. So, their writers pose a potential threat to your grade if you decide to order a paper here.

Prices Review Prices

Before using a writing service, each person inevitably thinks about how much he or she will spend. Usually without knowing the prices, it can be quite difficult to assume any possible spending. As you can see, you can’t avoid financial losses here. The prices are pretty high. From my point of view, you can find more affordable services elsewhere.


What is the biggest disappointment while using a writing service? I can answer without hesitation: late delivery. When a writer spends too much time on writing a simple paper, it is an indicator that he or she doesn’t have enough experience in writing. Suppose you decide to use NinjaEssays, you should be ready to find that your paper will be delivered with a delay. But you can instead look around and try to use another writing service.

Blog Review Blog

Before you start to use any writing service, it is important to check out their associated blog. On my first glance at the NinjaEssays blog, I saw that they haven’t updated it in three years! For me, this is one of the decisive factors, because when they take care of their blog, filling it with helpful and interesting articles regularly, they will surely take care of your paper as well. In my opinion, this service should improve their blog with fresh and helpful guides.

Money Back Guarantee

My favorite writing services are those that present a money back guarantee. It is the first thing I pay attention to. If you use a writing service for the first time, the most correct thing that you should ask first is whether the service offers a money back guarantee. On NinjaEssays, I couldn’t find any information about this option. This gives a clear understanding that they won’t give your money back in case you don’t like the paper. A writing service that doesn’t offer a money back guarantee is one of the worst sites for a customer. They should fix it and start to offer a refund in difficult situations with customers.


NinjaEssays presents a rather standard set of services. They say that they offer the best service whatever paper you need to deal with. Personally, I doubt this. I sincerely sympathize with people who decide to use one of their services. Although they provide all the necessary services, they do them at rather poor quality. In such situations, I usually recommend to google other writing services with more professional help.

The results of my study

My NinjaEssays review should give a clear understanding of the service’s work. They tell that their papers are great, but in reality, it is not true. I have revealed all of their secrets and disadvantages. I admire services which are able to provide customers with properly written work, but NinjaEssays is not one of them. The focus of my review today is a service that is not able to stay on top on the writing market.

In the end, I want to score the service a 5 out of 10.


  1. If there were competitions of the worst writing service in the world, then ninjaessays would take the first place there. The paper I receiveed from them contained mistakes and plagiarized parts. I think that many people should red this ninjaessays review to prevent themselves from their bad papers…


  2. my English literature essay was a DISASTER!!!!


  3. an attentive reader after reading this ninjaessays review may come to the conclusion that it is a bad service and he would right.


  4. I decided to use this service and it was the worst decision ever. My paper was delivered 2 days after the deadline.


  5. bad news – these guys are cheaters!


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