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I want to present you my PapersOwl review. Recently, writing services have become rather popular among students. They are used by all and sundry: young mothers who don’t have time to cope with assignments, lazy students, and those who are not good at writing. You can buy an essay or other paper on such services at a specific price. Let’s find out whether PapersOwl is worth your attention.

My rating – 4 of 10


It’s a difficult situation for some students. The economic situation for them is such that they can’t spend lots of money on writing services. Here there are only two solutions for them: either write themselves, or buy inexpensive, but of dubious quality, papers on services like PapersOwl. This site doesn’t provide an opportunity to purchase papers at reasonable prices and with guaranteed uniqueness. For example, for a research paper of 10 pages for undergraduate level, the cost can add up to $300 – $500, depending on the requirements.

That’s why I rate prices 5 of 10.


PapersOwl offers different services, like writing, editing, and completing other types of assignments. A potential customer can, for example, order essay writing. However, I have found lots of Papers Owl reviews that say customers are satisfied with their services. How will you know if the writer is able to write your paper, or if they are able to devote enough time to the work? Everyone risks when they decided to use the service on this site.

I think 4 out of 10 is enough for the PapersOwl services.


PapersOwl is a good platform for freelancers. It is profitable for writers, but what about students? We can find top writers on the site, but we don’t know whether the photos or number of completed works are true. Also, we can’t be sure that writers are native English speakers or whether they have a firm grasp of grammatical rules.

It turns out that we can’t check writers’ professionalism, so I rate them 4 of 10.


On the site, you can find PapersOwl reviews. Any customer can write his or her opinion about service work. However, to me, testimonials on the site are fake. I googled reviews on the Internet to find real feedback. The service doesn’t fulfill orders with high quality – that’s why it doesn’t have a positive reputation.

I rate testimonials 3 out of 10, and I advise the service to write better papers. It will bring them more customers, which means it will increase their income. Everything is simple.

Ordering review

If you decide to order papers here, you will start, of course, with ordering. At first, it seems that there is nothing complicated in it. Here you are asked to choose the type of paper, the topic, the subject, the number of pages, and the deadline. On the second step, you need to choose the type of service, the writer’s quality, the number of cited resources, and the format for citations. It is not the end yet! There is also a third step. You need to write instructions and drop files. For me, this order form looks awful – why didn’t they include all this in one step? Why do they provoke customers to go through so many operations?

It is necessary for the service to make the ordering process easier – that’s why I rate it 5 of 10.


Most of the works from this service, according to reviews, are of low quality. The service confidently states that it is the supplier of unique papers of the highest quality. Of course, this statement is false, considering how many negative testimonials I have seen. As I can judge, this is not a decent service for getting quality papers.

Since the quality is well below the standard, I rate it 4 of 10.


The main thing about their blog is that their so-called “helpful” guides are full of advertising for their service. A guide should be informative and useful for a visitor. You have already advertised your service on the main page, so why do you include ads in such blog posts? I didn’t see any really helpful information there, but I would have liked to.

The service should work on improving the blog. I rate it 3 of 10.

Delivery review

As you can see, the service claims that they strictly follow the deadline. On other high quality writing services, if the writer has not completed the task within the prescribed period, he or she will receive a penalty. This means that the service values its customers. But the situation is different on PapersOwl. According to the PapersOwl paper writing reviews, they rather often send completed papers after the deadline.

I agree with others that it is important to stick to deadlines – that’s why I rate delivery 4 of 10.


When choosing a writing service to order papers, I would not recommend selecting PapersOwl. I think that this service simply can’t compete with others on the writing market. You won’t receive a unique paper from them. You probably won’t receive it on time, either. As others have written, you will most likely have to wait several days after the deadline.

Let’s sum up. PapersOwl is not a good choice especially for those who want to use a writing service for the first time and are unaware of the possible consequences. It is better to try writing on your own than to use this service. It is not an assistant that can provide you with unique papers. You will have to use other services.


  1. Ordered 2 different requsts from 2 differeent writers because the first was awful and didn’t even see my requirements. Not only did I release money to this writer, I was charged with $189.15!!!111 It’s besides over $200 for the first one. SCAM!!!


  2. Get a poorly written paper. Find some other service!


  3. The essay I received from them is shit, scam services like this are really disgusing.


  4. Don’t use them! Once they have your money, you will get a plagiarized paper and you will not be able to refund your money!


  5. This review tell the truth. It is the worst scam ever.


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