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Overall Rating: 4 out of 10

Before I move to the bulk of my Pro Papers review, I’d like to dedicate a few lines to how I ended up with this company. As a grad student who no longer wants to limit his youth-fueled life to the modest allowance he gets from his parents, I have extended the range of my responsibilities to fulfilling some professional commitments. I have achieved my financial freedom with the help of the job I got a couple of months ago.

And, as you may have figured out, chasing my professional accomplishments has considerably impeded my studying and made me track down a legit writing service to take over my burden of writing academic papers. And it took only one order with this company for me to fathom the creeping problem of being scammed in the academic writing industry. I’m dedicating this thorough evaluation of the Pro Papers service to revealing its true shady nature, which is at odds with the fancy image the company is mistakenly recognized by.

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ProPapers Overview Review Overview

An academic writing company with the history going back to the early 2000s, ProPapers has created itself a pretty favorable image, claiming its superiority and excellence. The company offers an extensive range of writing and editing services including essay, research paper, thesis, and review writing, and the editing of your documents. Aside from this, Pro Papers provides the assistance in students’ home assignment, as well as its completion from scratch.

Alas, the overflowing abundance of the services the company covers doesn’t make up for the striking lack of proper quality its products display. Pro Papers is a low-grade writing organization, the valid arguments to which I’m about to present throughout this review.

The Pricing Craze Review The Pricing Craze

Score: 3 out of 10

The pricing policy this company follows goes beyond the acceptable standards of the industry. The service inappropriately charges its customers with astronomical prices, which gets even more infuriating taken the fact that the quality it provides in return is not worth half the price. The pricing infringement this company turns to leaves its disreputability beyond any doubt.

To be more specific with the prices at Pro Papers,  the lowest price set is $9.99, which pays for a high school paper developed within a 20-day time frame. And the highest price a Pro Papers customer can pay is $50, which covers a professional paper level written in 6 hours. Moreover, the prices may vary depending on the possible nuances of the order, like additional proofreading, personal requirements to the reference list, etc.

Quality Terror Review Quality Terror

Score: 3 out of 10

One of the fundamental aspects of a service’s reputability is quality, and it is treated with negligence and very low concern at Pro Papers. The essay I received from these “pros” was a far cry from an advanced and intelligible academic paper. My history essay was written in a poor low-key style that hardly matched the common standards for developing a solid piece of academic writing.

First, the writer’s command of English was unsatisfactory. Throughout the text, they were using basic and intermediate language, including plain vocabulary and rudimentary grammar constructions. Second, the writer failed to comply with the instructions I provided in my order description, resorting to their own ill-conceived manner of dealing with the aspects I mentioned in the requirement part of my order. To cut the long story short, my essay was written in a lazy and unprofessional manner and was below the average level.

Privacy and Security

Score: 8 out of 10

Staying safe with Pro Papers is probably the only good thing about being a customer of this service. The company does take care of clients’ personal data, adopting a well-thought privacy mechanism allowing the system to eliminate any possible shortcomings of client data storage. The service’s advanced protection system ensures your total confidentiality. This is by far the most important factor when dealing with such services. In this way, you will have a safe experience, even if not the most pleasurable one.

Another critical element to mention when speaking of privacy at Pro Papers is the service’s consideration for requesting your personal data. The thing is, it simply doesn’t — the company doesn’t ask you for your personal information, such as your full name, phone number, address, or the name of the educational institution.


Score: 8 out of 10

The website features a pretty welcoming design. In its header, the home page displays a large snug picture that adds greatly to the décor of the web page. Alas, the home page provides a brief flowery description that doesn’t correspond to what the company proves to be. The footer of the page includes the list of services offered, and the works. In general, the website is well-organized and neat, giving easy and smooth access to its numerous sections.

My Verdict

The repellent experience I went through with Pro Papers doesn’t permit me to call it a worthy academic writing company. The service has a vast number of shortcomings that no reputable writing organization would feature. And the first problem the company has to draw its attention to is the quality it delivers. The writing team employed by Pro Papers is marked by a layman’s approach to work and a tremendous lack of expertise. For now, I can’t and don’t want to recommend this service to any of you.


  1. This pro papers review is soooo true. The service is lame(((((


  2. Just a waste of money, the quality they produce is terrible


  3. The prices are quite ok but I was irritated with their unprofessional approach


  4. Not the one I’d recommend to somebody. The above Pro papers review resonates my feelings((((((


  5. I order my essay here, too. They missed the deadline and sent me the paper too days later. When I called the support guys, they simply turned their backs at me !!!! Finally, I got received my reimbursement and used the help from another writing service.


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