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assignmentshark review


The Internet offers users a large number of services that provide students with homework help. You can choose the one for your needs – there is a large choice. I will tell you about the popular services that will come in handy.

AssignmentShark is the first service I found while googling “do my homework.” The service is intended for helping students with assignments in different disciplines. It is used to place orders which helps find the right expert to assist with homework. AssignmentShark operates in most countries – users can place orders from all parts of the world.

How to use the service

Users who have already used the service note that it is very convenient. To get started you need to place an order, register, and create an account. It is recommended to follow the prompts of the service. Also, you need to choose the expert you want.

The order form is easy to use. You can see the typical fields which need to be filled out like discipline, assignment title, academic level, as well as a section where you can attach extra materials. Also, you can find an expert you have already worked with, and request, “do my homework.”

Customers’ support

In your account on AssignmentShark, you can contact a support team by creating a new query. There, you can choose the department to contact with: support, sales, and development departments. For example, if your query relates to the order, payment, or profile issues, you need to contact the support department. It is convenient and allows you to get solutions to your problems.

Should you use the service or not?

You can and should use this service if you need to get help with your assignments from knowledgeable experts. This will open up the opportunity for you to study a specific discipline without unnecessary problems with your homework. For example, you can order an economics essay, astronomy homework, physics homework, get math homework help, accounting homework help, and so on. The quality of help is acceptable, according to customers’ feedback. The choice of the specific expert has a great influence on the quality – that’s why you should choose those with a high rating.

The prices of college homework help are quite affordable. The low price contributes to the popularity and relevance of the service. It varies according to the requirements you set in the order form, like the academic level and deadline. The main advantages of this service are that it allows you to:

  • Monitor the expert’s working progress.
  • Choose an expert you want.
  • Choose the price you want.
  • Contact the support team if something goes wrong.
  • Get help in a wide range of disciplines.

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getcodinghelp review
GetCodingHelp is ranked among the leading services that offer programming help online. The attractive appearance of the site correlates well with the level of services offered. Lots of top experts, in the framework of cooperation with the service, provide assistance with assignments of varying degrees of difficulty.


Having placed an order indicating the topic, discipline, and other requirements, the user then selects an expert in the price-quality ratio from the proposals received from various experts. To determine whom to choose, you can study the rating and reviews or contact an expert directly.


The service can help you with all programming subjects. For example, you can ask them, “do my Java homework,” or “do my programming homework in C#,” or “do my programming homework in Python,” or ask for help in any other subject. The process of work on the assignment consists of discussing the requirements with an expert, reserving money, monitoring the workflow, and receiving a completed task.


If you are going to ask them, “do my assignment,” I should say that you won’t spend too much here. Good prices are facilitated by a clear system – they vary according to the requirements you set, and you can choose the most suitable one from the bids offered by experts. The price won’t be changed unless you change the initial instructions.

Communication with an expert

The service offers an excellent opportunity to communicate with an expert. For example, you can write to him or her, “do my assignment using my materials” (which you must attach when placing your order). Also, you can ask an expert directly the questions that relate to your order – this is very convenient.

24/7 support

The service provides 24/7 support for all customers. You can contact the support team if some problems occur in your account. An online support team will solve your problem round the clock. I think this is a great option, especially for those who want to be sure that using the service will go smoothly.

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 mycodinghomework review

MyCodingHomework is a service that offers coding homework help, as you can see from the name. It is a new service on the market that provides customers with assistance for different types of assignments. The service also offers cooperation for authors and students. Today, it helps students not only in doing homework related to programming but with other disciplines as well, like English, business studies, management, history, and so on.

Let’s see what the MyCodingHomework website is like, how it works, what its advantages are, what can be ordered here, what is the deadline for completing work, and the cost.

How the MyCodingHomework service works

The service’s work method is quite simple. To get programming assignment help, the customer places an order, having filled it out fully and passed the preliminary registration. The company manager, evaluating the order, assigns the most suitable expert to deal with it. The customer replenishes the balance equal to the cost of the order, reserves the money, and waits for its completion within the agreed time frame. As soon as the work or part of it is ready, the client checks it and pays the money to the expert.
The service specializes in lots of disciplines and types of assignments. Therefore, the company manager will select the best expert on the ordered topic.

Benefits of the MyCodingHomework service

There are many advantages to asking “do my programming homework” here. I have already mentioned the assistance from the most suitable possible expert.

  • In addition, all assignments are completed in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
  • If it is a written assignment, the uniqueness of the paper is guaranteed.
  • The technical support of the service operates around the clock.
  • The service provides a price calculator so you can find the approximate price of assistance even before placing an order.
  • You can use free revisions if something doesn’t fully satisfy you in the completed homework.
  • The service provides customers with a money-back guarantee.
  • Your order can be completed within a short deadline – from four to eight hours if the assignment is short and needs urgent implementation.
  • The service offers a quality check, which means the expert will check your order to make sure it is done according to quality standards.

As you can see, this service is a good option to ask for programming help online. They care about their reputation, so here, they will try to assist you the way you want it.

The choice of services that are ready to help in the educational process is vast. Different principles of service functioning, cost, and level – you can easily find a compromise after studying the topic.

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answershark review

AnswerShark offers college homework help and has many interesting features. The customer needs to register, complete an order form, and choose a writer for assistance. The site is easy to use and pleasing to the eyes. The price is based on the type of paper, the number of pages, and the deadline. You can select the writer that suits your needs. Let’s look at all service features in detail.

Many reviews have been written on this service, so I decided not to go the beaten path, listing all the advantages of this site, but only highlight those that are the most useful and interesting.

Communication with a writer

Online communication with writers has become an integral part of the most modern services that offer assignment help. The advantages are clear for every customer – access to a writer simplifies receiving a paper that will meet your expectations, and this approach also minimizes the possibility of obtaining a poorly-written paper. That is why AnswerShark has the ability to get in touch with a writer and check his or her work. It should be noted that this service is available to all users.

Disciplines and services

AnswerShark allows you to order papers in lots of disciplines. For example, you can order an economics essay, mechanical engineering essay, physics homework, get math homework help, accounting homework help, and so on. Moreover, a wide range of services are offered: writing help for dissertations, research papers, term papers, and so on. It is worth noting that the site has a big team of writers, so you can find a person for your specific writing needs easily.

Top writers

A page with top writers allows customers not only to more accurately understand what kind of writers work here but also to find a suitable one for your order. AnswerShark allows you to analyze the writers’ performance by checking their ratings, awards, and amount of finished orders. You should note that the higher the writer in the top list, the higher the cost for his or her work will be.

In general, the service works well, and it is really worth your attention.

Order with AnswerShark

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stemhave review
StemHave is of interest to people who want to get assignment help. To get assistance, you need to fill out the order form, create an account, and sign in. You can order anything, from coursework to research papers, essays, or any others. The most popular disciplines include English, business studies, and nursing, but you can get help in other fields as well. Let’s check out what else is available for users.


For example, you need algebra homework help. You can register by filling out the order form, which you can find by clicking “order now” on the main page. When filling it out, you need to set all the requirements for your assignment and attach additional materials, if any. Also, you can choose some additional services like “native speaker,” “smart paper,” “writer samples,” and so on. Afterward, the service will find the most suitable writer to work on your order. As you can see, placing an order is quite simple. The main thing is to have all the requirements for your assignment so that the process will be like clockwork.

Money-back guarantee

StemHave allows you to request and receive a refund if something goes wrong. It is a really great option because not all services that offer online assignment help can boast of such a guarantee. You can receive your money back in a few situations, such as if you want to cancel the order, if you paid twice for one order, or if no writer was found to work on it.


On this site, you can get revisions if certain terms are observed: the revisions request doesn’t conflict with your initial requirements, you ask for revisions via a special request button, and you ask for revisions no later than seven days after your order is initially approved. A revisions option is a great benefit of the service because it gives customers a chance to be fully satisfied with the completed assignment.


I like that StemHave has a table of prices where you can have a clearer understanding of how much you need to pay even before placing an order. You can see that the prices differ according to the deadline and the academic level.

This site is a great service to use. Additional features of the service allow you to distinguish StemHave among similar ones and think about adding it to your set of services that offer good online assignment help.


Order with Stemhave

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assignments.thepensters review

Assignments.ThePensters is a service where you can get assignment help online. It offers assistance in any sort of discipline you could imagine. The service provides customers with a bidding system, full control of the order, and help from motivated experts. A convenient order form is available for clients, and after filling it out, they will need to choose one of the experts. Let’s find out what else the service offers to its customers.


To get access to all service features, it is enough to register in the system, fill out the order form, and choose the expert. First, you need to write your e-mail and receive a password to your e-mail, and include your requirements in the order form – this is not difficult and only takes a few minutes. Then click the “Save & publish for experts” button. After that, you will see experts’ bids to choose from. Find the most suitable person to work on your order. Everything is extremely simple and fast.


Here, you can get matlab homework help, astronomy homework help, chemistry homework help, algebra homework help, and assistance with other disciplines as well. It is a great option because if you have several assignments in different disciplines to deal with, you can order all of them on Assignments.ThePensters.

Full control of the order

Chatting with an expert is an option that allows you to control the work process. Customers can get in touch with the expert if they have some questions about their order. Also, the chat option allows you to ask for corrections if something needs to be changed in the assignment. In general, communication facilitates the interaction between a customer and an expert.

24/7 support

Each customer has the opportunity to contact the support team. It is a great option in cases when issues arise when using the service. A huge benefit of their support is that they work 24/7 so that you can write to them any time you want and receive a quick solution. Plus, it is convenient for customers who live in different time zones.

Today, we can find powerful services to get assignment help online. Assignments.ThePensters is not only a helpful but reliable site as well. It is an effective and convenient service to make your assignments less troublesome. In general, this site made a good impression on me.

Order with Assignments.ThePensters

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AssignmentCore review

AssignmentCore is a service where you can buy an assignment. It is endowed with great features:

  • timely delivery
  • support assistance
  • help with all programming languages

It is a universal site for those who are looking for programming and coding homework help. Experts in the field of programming recommend using the service because it has a team of specialists in the sphere. Check out more detailed information below before using it.


To go to the order form, you need to find a small window of a quick registration, indicating your e-mail and the discipline you need help with. After that, you will reach a more detailed order form where you need to set all of your requirements. After including all instructions, you need to click the “Save & publish for experts” button. Then, you just need to choose the expert and bid you like most. So, I can say that the order process is simple and similar to other sites of the same type.


How true are the testimonials about the experts on AssignmentCore? When I started working with the service, I also asked myself this question because most of them are not that positive, but with admiration. Nevertheless, over time, I made sure from my own experience that the experts on the site really deserve such high ratings, and feedback from real people with real solved problems was left. Customers like their coding homework help.

Delivery time

In the times I’ve used this service, I have been satisfied with how fast they work. My assignments were delivered in the time I indicated. You can try it and see for yourself how quickly their experts work.


If you have not previously gotten their programming assignment help, then I should say that their prices are quite affordable. As usual, it varies according to the requirements you choose, such as the academic level, the deadline, and the discipline. Moreover, you can indicate the desired price, and perhaps your assignment will be completed at the cost you want.

AssignmentCore is a service that can assist you in doing your programming homework. It is available for all students who are looking for quality programming assignment help. Ordering here is simple, prices are affordable, and completion time is short. The service helps to find the best solution to customers’ problems.

Order with AssignmentCore

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AssignCode review

AssignCode is a service that you can get all sorts of programming assistance: Java assignment help, database assignment help, Python assignment help, and so on. The service helps you to find a suitable expert to deal with your homework. Together with proficient experts, timely delivery, and 24/7 support, you can get other useful benefits. Contacting an expert is free when looking for a suitable person, which helps not only to choose the most suitable specialist but increases trust in the service as well.


The fastest way to register on the site and buy an assignment is to enter your email, select a discipline, and click “Find an expert” in the window in the upper right corner on the main page.
After registration, a welcome letter is sent to the mail with your login and automatically generated password. Also, the service offers to fill out your first order. The order form is rather simplified, and you won’t face any difficulties, in my opinion. Afterward, experts will offer you their bids. Choose wisely.


The service offers programming help online and assistance with other disciplines. You can get matlab homework help, chemistry homework help, order a mechanical engineering essay, and get assistance in other disciplines as well. They have experts in different fields – that’s why you are not limited here.


For those who plan, for example, to get Java assignment help, I recommend checking the page with their experts. AssignCode has the option to sort experts by the discipline, rating, number of completed orders, and awards. The service provides the ability to check each expert’s profile, where you can see how many orders they finished, what awards they received, and what disciplines they helped customers with.


The company support team can be contacted by email and through the query form on your account page. If your question concerns your order, payment, or profile, you need to choose a support department. If it concerns prices, you need to choose a sales department. If it concerns bidding or canceling orders, then you need to choose the development department. Full support is available for all customers.

I think this is a great service for those who are used to googling “do my Java homework” looking for professional help.

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