SameDayEssay Review: Why You Should Pick Another Service review

Rating 5/10


  • bonus system
  • 24/7 support
  • free services


  • no information about writers
  • negative feedback
  • above average prices

Let’s make it clear from the start. I’m not saying that SameDayEssay is the worst service that I’ve used. It has certain benefits, such as an attractive bonus system. However, I don’t think that the bonus system and a bunch of free features are the most important elements for a writing service. Customer support, a comfortable atmosphere, and high-quality samples should also be provided.

As a rule, I pick writing services that have reasonable prices and good writers. That’s all I ask for. But SameDayEssay isn’t able to provide its customers with these benefits. I hope that this SameDayEssay review will be enough to keep you away from this site.

SameDayEssay Review: Main Page 7/10

The main page looks quite attractive. It has a logical structure and a nice design. As soon as I tried to go to another page, I got this pop-up about a 10% discount: review

I think that the bonus system, discounts, and promo codes are quite efficient hooks for new customers. Unfortunately, many services use them just to attract students, but provide them with samples of low quality.
On the main page, you can also find samples from the SameDayEssay writers. You can download the PDF files to evaluate the quality of the content. If you like the sample, you have the opportunity to request a specific author.

SameDayEssay Review: Pricing 2/10

At first sight, it might seem like SameDayEssay has an affordable pricing policy. You can get a 1-page essay (high school level and 20 days deadline) for $13.60. This price is fair and reasonable.
However, there is a catch. If you want to get all the additional services, the price will increase to $92.04!!! review

By the way, these guys have a problem with consistency. On the main page, they’ve marked “detailed plagiarism report” as a free service. At the same time, when you fill in the ordering form, it’ll cost you $14.99! It makes absolutely no sense! review

After all, why would anyone pay for a plagiarism report if the service guarantees 100% unique samples? Or should customers show these reports to their instructors to get better grades?
I also think that services like 24/7 online support, direct chatting with a writer, formatting, and revisions should always be free of charge. Maybe I don’t get this marketing technique, but I feel confused, not privileged.

SameDayEssay Review: Customer Feedback 1/10

As a rule, writing services don’t place informative or negative testimonials on their websites. Luckily for us, we have the internet, where everyone can be heard. In the SameDayEssay reviews on the site, you’ll find nothing but admiration and gratitude.
But when you take a look at the customer feedback on other websites, you’ll see these kinds of comments: review review

It becomes obvious that not all the customers of SameDayEssay have been satisfied with the results. I’ve seen many complaints about late delivery and low-quality samples.
As for me, we should take into consideration other people’s opinions when it comes to using a new writing service.

SameDayEssay Review: Writers 3/10

Pricing is essential when it comes to picking a writing service. However, you should also know who is going to write your sample. SameDayEssay provides the following information about its writers: review

No bio, no educational background, no satisfaction rate! I know more about my Facebook friends, even though I have never met some of them.

The service assures that all the writers are native speakers holding at least a master’s degree. review

There is something uncertain about this statement. First of all, why would professional writers and editors need an “Extra Quality Check” (one of the additional services) if they’re real experts? Secondly, I’m not sure that ENL writers with a higher education would work for pennies. Finally, I don’t like when there is no opportunity to pick the writer by yourself.

Of course, you may request the writer, but what about the first-timers? As for me, hiding information about the writers isn’t the best way to attract new customers.

SameDayEssay Review: Quality of Papers 6/10

I’m not a person who can be easily frightened. I had decided to check this writing service, so I couldn’t step back.
I made a test order. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. I’m not quite sure that it was written by a native speaker. But the individual who was responsible for my sample had decent language and writing skills.
Of course, I have noticed a few mistakes in grammar and structure, but I still think that my instructor would give me at least a B for the paper.
Perhaps, SameDayEssay doesn’t have a reliable plagiarism checker, as I also discovered about 20% unoriginal text in my sample. And I’m not sure that my professor would be happy to find out that plagiarized text is in my work.

SameDayEssay Review: Conclusion and Recommendations

SameDayEssay is a writing service that has strong and weak points. A bonus system, free services, and a comfortable interface make this service attractive for new customers. However, an unclear pricing policy and negative testimonials on the internet can scare off potential clients.
When it comes to the quality of papers, SameDayEssay isn’t the worst service. I recommend ordering at this website if your topic isn’t complex, and you simply don’t have enough time for writing. I also strongly recommend checking the provided samples with plagiarism detecting software because my sample wasn’t 100% original.
After all, the choice depends only on your preferences and requirements.


  1. I’ve seen different reviews about this service. I’m not sure that anyone should use it ever.


  2. This same day essay review has definitely convinced me. I’ll try to find another writing service.


  3. I’ve already ordered one essay here, nothing special. It was fine.


  4. I also don’t get their pricing policy. Why should I pay for VIP support? They have to provide me with when I need it without extra fee!!!


  5. I haven’t noticed anything cosmic about this service. Why do they have rockets everywhere???


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