SuperbPaper Review: One More Surprisingly Boring Service review

Rating 5/10


  • affordable prices
  • comfortable interface


  • negative testimonials
  • no blog
  • late delivery

If you’re waiting for a sensational disclosure – look somewhere else. There will be no tawdry accusations or fake compliments. Actually, I’m not even sure that the SuperbPaper review below deserves your attention.

In case you want to order your essay on this website, you have to read this review before doing so. Perhaps, it’ll change your mind.

If you gather information about different writing services to make a well-reasoned and logical choice, cross SuperbPaper off your list. It’s not worth your attention or time.

First Impression 7/10

The main page is quite standard: smiling students, prices, contact number, menu, etc. It looks similar to hundreds of other writing services that you can find on the internet.

Actually, the interface is user-friendly, and the design is simple and elegant. However, that’s not enough for a good writing service, right?

Pricing 4/10

To give these guys credit, they don’t lie about their prices on the main page. You really can get a page for $10 (high school level, 14 days deadline, and the best available writer). review

But some nuances seems quite disturbing for me. First of all, they don’t guarantee a particular level of writing. No guarantees at all. If you “seek only high writing quality results,” you have to pay an extra fee for ENL or advanced writers. review

In fact, you won’t be able to return your money if you get a sample of low quality because there are no standards. Nice, right?

Secondly, I was surprised by a ridiculous difference between prices for ENL and Best Available Writers. It’s only three bucks! As for me, that’s quite suspicious.

Finally, pricing for additional services makes absolutely no sense. review

You pay $40 for a plagiarism report, abstract page, and VIP support!

Let’s take a closer look at each of these “fantastic” services:

  • Plagiarism report

You pay $10 to make sure that your paper is plagiarism-free. Really? Why do customers have to pay to be confident about the quality of the provided paper? Other services offer free in-built checkers, so SuperbPaper should be better than this.

  • Abstract page

The purpose of this service is obvious: some instructors require summaries along with an essay. But what about the price? Why does a 1-page essay cost $10, and an abstract page, $15? Every academic paper requires researching and analyzing, while abstract pages are just brief restatements. Again – no sense.

  • VIP support

As for me, adequate writing services don’t need this option at all. Writers should be responsible and punctual enough to deliver your orders on time. You shouldn’t have to pay someone else for timely delivery.

Besides, good writing services do provide 24/7 support, and in those services you can apply to a qualified manager at any time with any question.

As you can see, pricing isn’t the best part of my SuperbPaper review. Let’s move on to something more interesting – the customers’ feedback.

Feedback 2/10

Of course, you won’t find any neutral or negative comments on the website. Only “great service,” “lucky find,” and “great quality.” Well, I never expect to find any signs of realism in the testimonials on websites. review

The internet is quite another matter. Here, you can find everything – from praises to curses. I tend to trust the latter. review

Actually, short comments aren’t the best way to evaluate the service because anyone (including competitors) can write one. But when you see the story and literally feel the pain of the author – take it into consideration.

For example, read the following stories: review

As for me, they sound pretty real and intense. Even if they were posted by competitors, the SuperbPaper team should have reacted somehow: apologize, offer a discount, return the money, etc. I can’t trust a service that doesn’t give a sh*t about their customers, especially about those who leave negative comments.

Such an indifferent attitude indicates low-quality customer service.

Quality of Samples 1/10

As usual, I’ve made a test order before buying real work from a new service. Thank God for my prudence! Losing $10 is sad, but losing $60 for a research paper is much worse.

Let’s start with something good. My test essay had a clear thesis statement and an appropriate number of references. Also, it matched my word limit. That’s all.

What else can I say? Several grammar mistakes, irrational arguments, poor logical reasoning, and 30% plagiarism detected. Sounds like a straight A, right?

Of course, I’ve not chosen an advanced writer. Maybe, the result would be much better. But, hey, it wasn’t even an average essay! It was awful. Not cool.

Privacy 1/10

I definitely don’t recommend this service to anyone who wants to stay anonymous. In addition to your email, SuperbPaper requires your name and phone number. review

I really don’t know why they need this information. Like any other writing service, this site guarantees 100% safety of your personal data. However, I still don’t have a clue why their customers have to share their names or numbers.


In fact, SuperbPaper isn’t the worst service that I’ve ever seen. Really, guys, I’ve seen the services that require extra pay for UK writers and customer support. From this point of view, this site is fine. That’s why I give them 5/10.
But I really can’t recommend it if you want to get something higher than a C.

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