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While picking a new online service, you should be very careful. As for me, I have a list of criteria to help find the most reliable website and get the best result. When I came across, I saw that it had ALL THE RED FLAGS that I try to avoid. Really, this service is one of the worst on the market.

Surprisingly, according to statistics, they still have clients. I have no idea how this site can attract customers while there are so many better services on the Internet. Anyway, I don’t want anybody to become a victim of their marketing tricks and pay a fortune for mediocre samples.

That’s why I’ve composed the following review. Review: Customer Feedback

The first thing that I usually check is comments from previous customers. They don’t have a separate page for testimonials or writers’ profiles with comments. There are only nine reviews on the main page, and all of them sound the same: “It’s the best service,” “I love this site,” “Thank you so much,” etc.

Of course, I am not ready to trust these praises. I decided to google more reviews. These results were more impressive: Review - Customer Feedback

An unclear order process, paid revisions, low quality — these factors don’t look attractive. Online reputation is crucial for services that work only on the Internet. I don’t always trust feedback, but these comments are a disturbing sign anyway. Review: Pricing Policy

The second thing I check is whether prices are relevant to my budget. SuperiorPapers has a great price calculator where you can pick one of the currencies: USD, AUD, GBP, or EUR. It’s a very comfortable tool, but it couldn’t sugarcoat the table with shocking prices. Review - Pricing Policy
SuperiorPapers – Pricing Policy

The price for a paper starts from $18, which is much more than on other services. I hoped that the Discounts page would soften my shock. Unfortunately, they offer a 20% discount only for your first order. And what am I supposed to do with other orders? Sell my car to pay for essay samples?

I decided to dig deeper and find out what other discounts they offer. On the Prices page, I clicked the link to learn more about the membership program.

The first thing that I want to mention is that the terms of this program are complicated and difficult to understand. There are two types of subscriptions — Ruby and Diamond: - Ruby and Diamond

If you pay for the Ruby package, you get the following benefits:

  • 10% lifetime discounts
  • Premium writers
  • Prime support
  • Profound orders screening
  • Draft of each order
  • Free helpful extra to each order (I have no idea of what this is)

The Diamond membership package includes:

  • 15% lifetime
  • Top 25 writers
  • Personal support hotline
  • Full-scale editing
  • Draft of each order
  • Originality report of each order
  • Free helpful extra to each order (still, no idea)

In addition to unbelievably high prices, you’ll also have to pay for a membership to get a discount! That looks like a trick to keep customers on the same service with no alternative for at least one month or longer.

I also want to show you other means that Superior Papers uses to squeeze some money out of customers. Review: Order Process

The ordering form on differs from the forms on other websites. First, it takes three steps to fill all the necessary information. Second, this service requires your name, phone number, and e-mail. These fields aren’t optional: Review - Order Process

As for me, such an ordering form calls into question the privacy policy and the intentions of the company. Why do they need a phone number if all the information can be sent via e-mail? And how can they guarantee privacy and anonymity if they ask for your name?

I was also surprised by the number of additional features that they offer (of course, not for free).

You can pick one of three levels of quality: Standard, Premium, and Platinum. I haven’t found any information about the difference between the levels, except for the cost. I’m not good at math, so I suppose that customers have to pay extra percentages for higher levels of quality.

You can also add the following features:

  • proofread by editor
  • fulfilled by top 10 writers
  • VIP support
  • VIP Service package
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Originality report
  • 1-page summary
  • British writer
  • Preferred writer

If you add all these extras to your order, you’ll have to pay $170 for a 2-page essay at college level with a 10-day deadline instead of $36. Some of the features make no sense to me. If the service guarantees 100% unique samples, why should I pay for the originality report? And if all the experts of SuperiorPapers are professionals, why do samples need additional proofreading from the editor? Review: My Verdict

SuperiorPapers isn’t the best place to get academic paper samples. You have to share your personal information, pay a fortune for a single essay, and deal with a complex membership program. This service does nothing to simplify the life of customers.

There are plenty of writing services that provide samples of good quality. They have better prices, and you don’t have to share personal data (name and phone number). Before ordering from any company, check their policies carefully and consider all the pros and cons.


  1. All writing services are a total scam, and this one is no exception.


  2. This superiorpapers review is eye-opening. Thanks!


  3. I ordered the literature essay from them, paid $60, and got a sample with mistakes and inaccuracies! I expected better quality!!!


  4. Superiorpapers com reviews are very contradictory. But I don’t wanna take a risk(


  5. omg, I hate this service. They delivered late, and I got ZERO!


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