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Overall rating: 4 out of 10

When the havoc of studying gets the best of you, seeking professional writing help becomes as relevant and life-saving as ever. And the online academic niche is teeming with writing services ready to give you top academic assistance, or drain your energy and wallet. In my TrustMyPaper review, the gloomy account of my experience with this strikingly audacious company will provide you with the ultimate insight into what lies beneath the seemingly spotless and flashy image of this subpar company.

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What Is TrustMyPaper About?

Licensed by a Cyprus-based company, TrustMyPaper is an academic writing company that claims to cover a complete range of writing services and deliver professional assistance. The company does provide writing of a wide selection of academic paper genres, but what decreases its reputation is the quality it delivers, along with the inadmissible way it treats its customers.

Further in this review, I will gradually get to each shortcoming of the company’s performance, explaining why I consider TrustMyPaper an unworthy academic writing service.

Quality That Obliterates Your Trust

TrustMyPaper Quality That Obliterates Your Trust

Score: 3 out of 10

According to what the service displays on its website, its “experts” conjure up papers of excellent and unparalleled quality. As it normally happens, these bold statements have proven to be mere showboating. The quality I received from these cocky people could hardly match the basic academic standards the industry features.

My ecology essay was written in a lazy and incompetent way and lacked the right academic approach. The writer failed to express the main idea coherently and logically, instead resorting to simply restating it several times throughout the text. Another crucial aspect of my essay that I’d like to mention is its English. The writing showed strong inconsistency between the author’s language skills and the proper command of English. The writer demonstrated startling incapability in employing grammar constructions correctly and operating the vocabulary in the proper way.

Pricing Outrage

Score: 4 out of 10

The pricing policy this service uses is rather repulsive and uninviting. By adopting such unfair pricing culture, TrustMyPaper violates the established rules and standards for setting prices. Besides, the amount of money the customer is required to pay for the services here seems even more ridiculous given the unacceptable quality provided. For example, a freshman essay completed in two weeks will cost you $60, while an 80-page research paper developed within that same time frame will make your jaw drop by costing a whopping $1,000 as an outlay for the work!

How Supportive Is the Support Team?

Score: 6 out of 10

The impression that the company’s support center made on me didn’t differ much from what I expressed earlier in this review. The support reps turned out to be rather incompetent and unprofessional slackers who have a scant idea of how to tend to a customer. Disappointed with the poor version of what a genuine academic paper should be, right away I contacted the support team to inform them of my urgent issue, asking them to provide further assistance to me. But the reps only scowled at my request, stating their barely adequate reasons to neglect my problem.

What I did next was once again strike them with my complaint e-mail, now making myself more clear and requesting a different writer to revise my paper. This time, the support worker showed a little bit higher regard for my discomforting situation and promised to deal with my issue as soon as possible. It was only in the next couple of days that I finally got my revised essay, which still had little in common with a solid and proficiently written piece of academic writing.

How Safe Are You with This Service?

TrustMyPaper Quality Quality That Obliterates Your Trust

Score: 8 out of 10

Perhaps, the only advantage of this dubious writing service is its customer-favorable privacy policy. The company utilizes a safe and innovative privacy protection mechanism and processes all the transactions through a secure online payment system. The service staff doesn’t pass the clients’ private information to third parties and protects it with high commitment and respect. To be honest, I was pretty surprised by this benignant and forward-thinking policy given the abundance of drawbacks I faced with this service. Nevertheless, the severe grudge I held for this company shrunk down a little after I came across its inviting privacy regulations.

In a Nutshell

Discovering legit academic assistance is a great deal of a challenge these days. With so many fraudulent companies misleadingly presented as trustworthy services, students are forced to either spend days tracking down a worthy writing organization or end their custom paper journey feeling ripped off and infuriated with their client experience.

As you may have already concluded, I can relate to the second category of writing business clientele. TrustMyPaper barely has anything to do with trust, quality, or commitment, with the only exception being its privacy procedures I covered earlier in this review. The service employs inexperienced writers lacking professionalism and real knowledge of English. I urge you against befriending this unsatisfactory writing company and recommend looking for something truly valuable and legitimate.


  1. Really not the best one((((((i discourage you from using it


  2. This trustmypaper review is so truthful, I mean, the prices they impose are a hell of a fraud!!!!!!


  3. Well, the support team was more considerate with my problems. But the quality is lousy.


  4. I wanted to order my linguistics paper and just stumbled on this bloody service(((((The writers didn’t comply with my requirements and made me go crazy over the refund process. I would never recommend this chickanery to anyone, and this review is so riiight.


  5. The price I payed was rather normal but the writing was terrible. I order a revision and I;m not gonna order from them once again.


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