WriteMyPaper4Me Review: The Image of a Poor Service

WriteMyPaper4Me Review: The Image of a Poor Service

WriteMyPaper4Me is another writing service in the market. Actually, everything on this site tells that it is not a good option to use. Few people want to use this service because they risk receiving low-quality help. I present this WriteMyPaper4Me review to help you understand why this service should be passed by.


The result of using WriteMyPaper4Me was not good for me. I don’t think it’s possible for this service to win people’s love. I tried to figure out what the main advantages and disadvantages are of this service. I decided to write this review for WriteMyPaper4Me because I want to warn you that using this site can bring many problems.


First of all, it is necessary to talk about their writers. It would be reasonable to assume that their writers don’t have a good command of English. You can’t find decent writers here who are able to write quality papers. I came to the realization that their writers don’t know how to structure and format papers correctly. I advise you to look somewhere else if you want your paper to be written by a professional writer.


The service can’t boast of having a good reputation among customers. I have seen lots of reviews and testimonials about the service. I found out that many people are dissatisfied with their work. Yes, sometimes quality writing takes a lot of effort and hard work, but if it leads to a customer’s satisfaction, then it is definitely worth it. WriteMyPaper4Me should always remember this.

Good Quality Isn’t Important to Them

For all their liberties in the form of delivering poorly-written papers, WriteMyPaper4Me should be punished. If you hope to receive a paper written according to academic standards, you won’t receive such a paper here. Their main goal should be to deliver good papers if they want customers to come back to them.

WriteMyPaper4Me Prices Review

WriteMyPaper4Me.com Prices Review

It is important to make a WriteMyPaper4Me.org prices review, as it concerns each student. The price differs depending on the type of paper and the deadline. I hate the fact that their prices are so high. Such prices are unsuitable for average students. This site is one of the few writing services offering poorly written papers for high prices.

Money Back Guarantee

The service clearly shows that they offer a money back guarantee, but in reality it is really difficult to get your money back. It would seem that the logical decision is to get a refund of the money if the customer doesn’t like the paper. However, the service reverses customers’ view of this — many reviews says they don’t give the money back. This fact forces me to recommend using other sites offering a money back guarantee.


In addition to the low-quality work, using this service can cause unpleasant consequences related to your privacy. WriteMyPaper4Me appears as a service that asks customers to include all of their personal data. Such a request leads me to the conclusion that they can use, for example, you e-mail to send countless promotions and spam. And at the same time, I don’t understand why they need my phone or last name.


WriteMyPaper4Me.org Review - Samples

Good samples can make or break the entire impression about a service. I don’t want to say that I like the samples presented here, because it’s simply not true. I understand that their intention was to show how the writers do their job, but they chose rather bad samples for this. Some of them don’t contain references, and some have many mistakes. I think they embodied all the worst features of poorly written papers.


WriteMyPaper4Me is an example of the type of service that delivers papers after the deadline. According to many testimonials, they are often late when sending papers. It is a big disadvantage because as students need to submit their papers on time. I think that the service should try harder to deliver completed papers on time.


As numerous testimonials say, they often deliver papers with copied parts from the Internet. As customers have noted, there are also parts which are not cited properly — they don’t include references for these parts. This fact is the reason why the service has such a negative reputation and why you should abandon it.


WriteMyPaper4Me presents testimonials on the site. However, I recommend looking for them on the Internet. The truthful feedback can easily save you from using a dishonest company. The main thing is to find testimonials which were left by real customers. In order not to be mistaken, I recommend taking a look at the rating of the service as well.


A blog is an excellent feature that each writing service should have. However, the blog on WriteMyPaper4Me hasn’t been updated for two months (at the moment of writing this review). And although the blog contains some useful material, it is not enough to help students with all their possible writing difficulties.


Among the writing services, a rather significant niche is occupied by sites with writers who have academic degrees and are knowledgeable in different disciplines. Each writer should have some specific knowledge in a particular sphere. Therefore, WriteMyPaper4Me is not a good option to use, as they don’t have such experts in their team. I have figured out the little secrets that this service hides, and I hope now you see that you need to find some other writing company.

I think that WriteMyPaper4Me deserves 4 points out of 10.


  1. I originally planned to use other service, but found out this one and it interested me. However, the paper was written really badly. I want to put the main emphasis of the quality, there were many mistakes in the paper. So I agree with this review for writemypaper4me.org especially if talk about the qulity.


  2. it is the worst writing service I have ever seen!!!!


  3. the papers here are too expensive…


  4. 2-page paper was written for 5 days!received it with a HUGE delay


  5. after reading this writemypaper4me review, only one question come to my mind. Why haven’t this site been closed yet?


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