WriteMyPapers org Reviews: Why I Cannot Recommend This Service

writemypapers.org review

Yes, I can honestly say: I use writing services. Why should I spend time on dull assignments when I can buy them online? Today I want to share with you my experience with WriteMyPapers.

If you wish to pay someone to write your essay, don’t be tempted to order it at WriteMyPapers. You will be disappointed with the service quality, and the received paper won’t stand any critique. Save your money and time by reading my Write My Papers review.

General Information about WriteMyPapers

My rating 5.6/10
Price from $11.99
Discounts Available
Min. deadline 3 hours
Payment methods PayPal and credit card

Service Overview

The main page is overloaded with various information which distracts the customer’s attention. While the design and colors are eye-friendly, the overall interface leaves much to be desired. At first, the customer sees the order form – it’s a common practice. But when you scroll the main website, WriteMyPapers tries to tell all the information on the main page.

The service has applications for Android and iOS. I haven’t downloaded any, but the customer reviews mostly say that the application works well.

If the information on the website is truthful, the office is situated in the US, in Illinois. It adds a little credibility to the website, but the Park Ridge Plaza offers clients a virtual office to “add a credible and professional business presence at a minimal cost.”

Also, I don’t appreciate the testimonials from “real” customers. All writemypapers.org reviews on the main page look fake.
writemypapers.com review

Services Offered

WriteMyPapers has an average range of writing services. They offer only three academic levels: undergraduate, bachelor, and professional. I think the list of services is incomplete for a good writing service. Also, there are no options like proofreading and editing.

Score: 5/10

Prices and Discounts

The price for the order will depend, like in many similar services, on the number of pages, academic level, and deadline. As to my mind, prices are suspiciously low. Interesting – what percentage of the price do their writer’s earn?
writemypapers.com review

Also, you can use one of the extra features like plagiarism report, abstract page, VIP customer support, and more. If you want a discount, you may find various offers on the website.
writemypapers.com review

Score: 7/10


On the samples page you can read various samples completed by the WriteMyPapers writers, but who exactly has written those samples? The quality of each piece differs from one to another. I’ve looked through several works and it has raised some questions. Some authors use an odd word choice and have poor grammar. Everything comes to a conclusion: the authors are non-native speakers.

Score: 2/10

Ordering Process

While the order form is quite simple, you can visit the how it works page. I love services that show each step of the ordering process and what happens on each stage. Here, WriteMyPapers dedicates much time to create a great guide supported with a FAQ.

I think that the main problem is that you cannot specify the discipline your assignment refers to. You can specify it in the details of the paper, but how can you be sure that your order will be performed by an expert in the required field?

writemypapers.com review

Also, I have questions related to extra options like getting one of the top 10 writers or assigning an advanced writer. Does it mean that if I don’t pay extra money, my order will be completed by an amateur? Too many questions and no answers. Only doubt.

Score: 5/10


Customers have two options: use PayPal or pay with a credit card. Payment is the last stage of the ordering process. You can’t be sure that the service will find the writer and can’t see the quality of the paper. I think it’s a big minus for the service.
writemypapers.com review

Score: 6/10


It’s quite easy to find the revision and privacy policy on the website. The description is too hard to understand for the average user, unless you are a law student. Many services act like this to hide all of the details about their service and easily deal with the customers who are not satisfied with the received work. Spotted!

Score: 5/10


On the website, you can browse the information about the writers. I was impressed by the personal information they share about their writers, as I’ve never seen such profiles in other services. But it’s all from the first glance.
writemypapers.org review

You can’t view the list of completed orders and the writer’s degree. The writer’s location and two write my papers reviews can’t tell you about the writer’s professionalism. If the service will share at least a preview of one completed work, it would be more credible than all the words they say about the writer.

Score: 5/10

Customer Support

WriteMyPapers gives you a great variety of options to communicate with customer support: Facebook messenger, phone, online chat, email, and Skype call. The customer support can earn the highest score, as the customer representative tuned into the communication within the shortest time. Maybe it’s the one and only positive aspect of my experience with WriteMyPapers.

Score: 10/10


In short, the service seems too slippery. On one side they claim that they have lots of writers, and on the other side, they skip giving enough information about their background and professional qualities. I personally prefer when the service offers clear information about the quality, and you aren’t buying a pig in a poke.


  • Chat with the writer
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Revision policy


  • Can’t choose the writer yourself
  • Fake reviews and office location
  • Lack of writing services
  • No adequate information about writers
  • Suspiciously low prices
  • Prepaid service

After writing this review, I feel like Sherlock Holmes, having conducted the research and field study about this suspicious service. The verdict is that you can’t trust WriteMyPapers and believe the sweet reviews on their website. Be wise, use another service.

Total Score: 45/80

If you agree or disagree with my writemypapers review – welcome to the comments!


  1. They have skipped the deadline. Don’t count on them.


  2. It was a bit weird experience to order paper from WriteMyPapers. It was my first experience with such services at all. I still can’t understand why so many students use such services, as the worst classmate on my course will write a better essay. Not worth money at all.


  3. use another service if you don’t want a bullshit and pain in the ass. I opted an extra-duper-class writer and got a piece of SHIT


  4. Warning! Writers are not native speakers from russia!!!
    Stanley bbbb

    writemypapers is a SCAM


  5. Who are those people who write good write my papers reviews? It’s a complete fraud service!


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