Writing Cheap Review: Expert Opinion from a Student

writingcheap.com review
My rating 9/10
Price from $13.40 per page
Minimum deadline 3 hours

WritingCheap Overview

WritingCheap is quite an old academic writing service. At least, I had heard about it a couple of years ago from my classmate. For today, I have already used several writing services and know what to expect from them. In my Writing Cheap review, I’ll try to be as objective as I can.

The main page welcomes you with a plain and simple design. In fact, all the flying rockets and eye-catching images are only a distraction to a website. I think that the customer should easily find what he or she needs, and WritingCheap is as simple as it can be. Let’s look at what this service is hiding inside.


While WritingCheap has the word “cheap” in its title, the prices are quite average on the market. You can calculate the cost easily in the order form. The price will depend on the deadline, amount of pages, and type of service. So, if you need a finished essay within a couple of hours, it will be more expensive than one ordered beforehand.

I’ve looked through several academic services and can say that some of them offer even a bit cheaper prices. But I think it’s not a problem to pay an extra dollar for higher quality work. Also, the service doesn’t offer discounts at all, which is a minus.

Score: 6/10

Customer Support

The service offers 24-hour support. You can contact the customer representative via email or using an online chat in your account. Maybe some clients prefer to make a call, but I, like any introvert, like when the service can be reached via any available online chat.

Also, you can easily find an extensive FAQ that will answer all possible questions that you may have about the service. In any case, you can contact support.

I’ve tested the customer support with several questions about my order, and the reaction of the customer representative was really quick. I didn’t count the time, but the impression was positive. A real ten out of ten!

Score: 10/10

Ordering Process

A WritingCheap review wouldn’t be complete without this section. The order form has lots of fields, but don’t panic! In fact, it will take only a few minutes if you have the assignment specification before your eyes. I have attached a photo of the requirements from my profile and filled in several fields. Simple as ABC.
writingcheap.com review

In the next step, you need to upload some money to your balance, and the system will pick the writer for you. It’s convenient that the service finds itself the best writer according to your order specifications. I don’t know whether the special program analyzes your order or if they have a team of specialists to distribute the orders between writers, but it saves time. There is no need to look through numerous profiles and spend time picking the best writer.

When the paper is completed, you check the draft, pay money, or ask for a revision.

Score: 10/10


The most positive feature of this service is that you pay the writer only when satisfied with the result. The service asks you to put a certain amount of money on your balance which you can spend on ordering various papers. The account balance is refundable. So when you receive the completed paper, you have a chance to read and evaluate it. If the paper needs corrections, you contact your writer and clarify what exactly you don’t like. And only when the writer has considered all your requirements, you release the money. I think it’s fair and gives an additional sense of control in the situation. The only thing that may be inconvenient is that you can pay only with PayPal.

Score: 8/10


The quality of the ordered paper was good and delivered on time. In comparison with other services, WritingCheap doesn’t offer to choose “TOP writers” – the service seems confident in the professionalism of their writing staff.
writingcheap.com review

The service allows you to chat with the writer in their available chat. Here you can ask the writer to consider your remarks and correct the paper if needed. For example, I was satisfied with the first draft, but asked the writer to revise it to make it better. Maybe I was lucky that the service picked that writer for my order.

Score: 10/10


WritingCheap offers such features as a money-back guarantee. If you were unsatisfied with the received work you can request a refund of your balance in your account. Also, the service provides confidentiality and privacy policies to guarantee good service.

To have a better idea of the service’s reputation, I’ve looked through the existing writing cheap reviews and haven’t found anything suspicious.

Score: 10/10


  • Great usability. You will spend only a few minutes to make an order with this service. Everything is simple and understandable.
  • Timely delivery and good quality. It’s great that the service can handle the burning deadlines. Three hours and your paper is ready.
  • Chat with the writer. The chances to receive a good service rise when you can contact your writer and control the process.


  • An urgent order may be too pricey. If you need a paper in a couple of hours, it may cost you a cosmic price. It may be a problem for those who are limited on budget, but the quality is worth the cost.
  • Only PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to take extra steps to pay for the service.

My Verdict

I haven’t found anything that would stop me from using this service again. The most important thing in any writing service is the quality of papers they provide and having timely delivery. At WritingCheap you get these two features and even more. That’s why I can recommend you to give this service a try.

Total Score: 54/60

Hopefully, my writingcheap.com review was helpful! Have you used this service? Share your experience in the comments!


  1. This service saved me!!! Truly grateful…


  2. I like this kind of services, because I have two jobs and also I study in college, so I never have any time to do my homework. Thanks to these guys, I was able to pass my semester, focus on work and even learn a bit too as the writers were so nice to explain things I couldn’t understand. Thank you!


  3. I am a loyal customer since 2017. Till now I have no complaints about papers quality or anything actually. Support is always attentive and very friendly.


  4. To everyone who struggle with essays like me – use WritingCheap and you’ll not regret!


  5. EXcellent for those who always have troubles with assignemtns. Totally agrre with your writing cheap review!


  6. The service is freaking awesome!!!! Had the my paper done in the most excellent and quick wayyyy


  7. I am not a fan of using online services as many of them are just scams. But after scrutinizng the other reviews of Writing cheap, I just placed my order on their website. And you know, I changed the way I view such servics, since the quality I received was top notch – timely delivery, the writing, and the like.


  8. yes tha’t the one I like – i’m going to make another order here))))))


  9. my friend swayed me to tried this service out and it worked the way I wanted it


  10. I’m impresed by the quality they deliver- it’s all perfet and stuff


  11. well the delivery was a bit late but heck, all the rest is great


  12. I know that the prices are a little too high but it’s worth the splurge


  13. got dog-tired with all the studying and ordered my damn research paper from this service – recommend!!!!!!! They did it beautifuly


  14. quality blows your mind, I never thought a paper can be writen so neatly


  15. I’ve fallen in love with these guys – have about 5 essays done by them


  16. I like those prices on writinghceap. If to compare with other services, i can say that this service is cheaper and still quality is high…


  17. There is a huge different between writing paper myself and order it there. Their papers visually look more right.


  18. I do like this service! Even after several times I used it, they are still me favorite


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