WritingEssayEast Review: Cons and Cons

writingessayeast.com review

Rating 2/10


  • no privacy policy
  • no money-back guarantee
  • no information about writers
  • no testimonials

Hi guys! Today, I’ll write only two good things about WritingEssayEast. It has an attractive website design and really low prices. That’s all. I’m not even sure that such low prices can be considered an advantage because there is definitely something wrong.

Actually, everything is wrong with this service. Keep reading, and you’ll find out what details have shocked me the most.

WritingEssayEast Review: First Impression 3/10

Confusion – that’s been my first impression. The website’s design looks nice, but it’s totally not enough to hide the low quality of the content on the pages. Besides, I’ve noticed one disturbing dissonance.

On the main page, the service guarantees absolute privacy. You should feel confident that your personal and contact information is safe.
writingessayeast.com review

However, I’ve seen this number in the stats:
writingessayeast.com review

How the hell do they know how many customers have brought friends? Apparently, WritingEssayEast uses personal information for their marketing analysis!

Maybe many services work the same way. But at least their workers are smart enough in order not to incriminate themselves so easily.

I think that it’s so unfair to the customers who really want to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem with this service when it comes to serving clients.

WritingEssayEast Review: Privacy Policy and Money-Back Guarantee 1/10

WritingEssayEast doesn’t have a privacy policy or a money-back guarantee. I really tried to find something, at least a hint. But I couldn’t.

I checked all the meaningless categories on the menu: “About Us,” “Our Process,” and “Guarantees.” However, I found NO REGULATIONS related to the use of personal information or refunds.

What does it mean? WritingEssayEast can pick a writer of any qualification for your order. No matter how low the quality of the provided sample will be, you won’t be able to demand compensation. The same applies to late delivery and technical problems.

As for me, that looks like a total scam. The level of responsibility of this service is below zero!

In addition, I found several grammar mistakes while I was looking for a privacy policy:
writingessayeast.com review
writingessayeast.com review
writingessayeast.com review

Looks nice, right? And these people want me to entrust my academic papers to them. I wasn’t sure that the level of trust could fall any lower. But that wasn’t the end.

WritingEssayEast Review: Writers 1/10

The second thing that I usually look for when I try a new writing service is information about writers. I want to know about the hiring process, level of English, qualification, testimonials, etc.

How much information have I found? NONE. This service provides you with zero information on its writers. You won’t find any categories like a FAQ page or a section about the writers on the site menu. You won’t find any ratings or testimonials about specific writers.

WritingEssayEast can literary be operated by one person, and customers have no chances to find out!

As for me, that’s ridiculous. Where do they get clients? How naive should a person be to fall into this kind of trap?

WritingEssayEast Review: Prices 4/10

As I’ve mentioned above, WritingEssayEast has one disputable advantage – extremely low prices. Just take a look at this bargain!
writingessayeast.com review

Where else would you order a one-page essay for six bucks? No doubt, prices look really attractive.

But who in their right mind would agree to work for pennies? You should understand that writers don’t get 100% of the price. Writing services are run by real people who need salaries too.

Therefore, a writer gets about $2-3 for one page. Do you really think that an individual with high education and a good command of English would work for $2? Even ESL writers who have the appropriate language skills wouldn’t work for peanuts.

In my opinion, these prices serve as an indicator of a scam website, a service of the poorest quality.

WritingEssayEast Review: Additional Services 2/10

If you’re not ready to spend only $6 on one page, WritingEssayEast gives you the opportunity to waste more money on useless additional services:
writingessayeast.com review

The same one-page essay with all “special services” will cost you $50. By the way, you won’t find any explanations about these services – no hints. All the explanations written below are simply my suggestions and comments.

  • Receive an official plagiarism report – $10
    I really don’t get this. Why would anyone pay for a plagiarism check if the service guarantees 100% unique samples? Besides, you can find a free plagiarism checker on the internet. Maybe this official plagiarism report will be signed by the Minister of Education?
  • Add an abstract page – $15
    In fact, an abstract page is a great additional service. However, I don’t understand why this page costs almost three times more than a normal page.
  • VIP service and extra attention – $15
    What do you think about “extra attention”? Maybe they’ll ask you out or send you flowers… No, they can’t. The service uses contact information only to keep you informed on the order progress. Yeah, sure.
  • Assign an advanced writer to your order – $2.40
    That’s ridiculous. Why would anyone pay for an advanced writer if there is no information about ANY writers???
  • Get one of the TOP writers – $4.64
    The same question. There is a chance that you’ll get a C grade instead of a D with their advanced writer.

WritingEssayEast Review: Conclusion

As you might have noticed, I’m not a massive fan of this writing service. In fact, I think that it should be forbidden because it’s an obvious scam. I give WritingEssayEast two points only for the design and impudence.


  1. They even don’t try to look normal! This scam scheme is waaaaay too obvious.


  2. I’ve seen similar writing essay east reviews, but this author is much more attentive. Thank you!


  3. Omg, why I haven’t read this review before???!!! I’ve already made my first order. If this review is true, I won’t b able to return my money even if they deliver a blank sheet of paper(((


  4. The website’s design is really nice. But we should never judge a book by its cover…


  5. I will never come any closer to this website. It’s totally insane


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